"A tragic story..."

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

There will be a yellow text right after almost each emoticon. Highlight the yellow text to see what the emoticon means.

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Sam. Sam :bofu_31: [liked] a girl named Ada. He loved her so much, he would :bofu_19: [kill] to get her.

When Ada heard about this, she was :puteh_8: [worried] that he would come to :bofu_35: [beat up] her new boyfriend, Monkeyzach.

So, Monkeyzach :mStudy: [studied] the way of the annoying paparazzi. He was determined to make him :bofu_11: [go crazy].
Once Sam heard about this.. HE :bofu_44: [studied] the ways of Christopher Chan!
When Sam was ready, he called up Monkeyzach and demanded a battle to win the heart of the lovely lady.

The fight was on!
Monkeyzach was forced to bring his neighbour, Pandabob :pandaGeli_05: to the fight because he was babysitting him.

Monkeyzach used the :mCamera: [snap picture till death] move!
But Sam defended it with the :bofu_30: [huge tantrum] move...

Monkeyzach wanted to :mGergaji: [chainsaw] Sam!!

Did you ever wanted to chase a girl you loved :pandaGeli_09: like :bofu_16: [what the heck am I doing in this ad?] and :mRambut: [I look pretty], but didn't know how to? Well, want no more! Because you'll get it..!

Purchase a bottle of Pandabob's love potion (works as a perfume), spray the perfume on her face, and the girl will immediately fall head over heels for you :pandaGeli_19:.

To purchase one, call 1800-Pandabob-the-panda.
What are you waiting for? Time and tide waits for no man! Get one of Pandabob's amazing love potion, today :pandaGeli_14:.
And if you buy one within this week, we'll throw in Pandabob's brother, Pandapsychopath, for free :pandaGeli_10:!!
The love potion is not guaranteed 100% to work. If you want to sue, please sue Pandapsychopath. Thank you, you'll be doing me a big favour.


But wait.. Sam stood up with his two parts still separated, and he joined himself and became :bofu_10: [an alien].
Everyone was shocked! They all thought that he was an ordinary Scrabble-loving orange fella. But they were wrong. He came from planet Orange, searching for a girl to become his wife.

Monkeyzach was furious because he was cheating! It wasn't fair that Monkeyzach could do that and he couldn't.
But Sam didn't care. He immediately used his fatal move, :bofu_21: [the show-thing-in-nose move].
Monkeyzach used the :mKorek: [same] trick on him!

Ada was :puteh_11: [sad] and asked them to stop fighting.

Both Monkeyzach and Sam were too into their fight, they didn't bother to listen to Ada.

Sam knew one weakness of Monkeyzach that would bring him to the gates of hell (death). Monkeyzach was a greedy glutton who loved food. But because he kept swinging from tree to tree as a mean of transportation, he remains as fit as a fiddle. Monkeyzach was also a monkey of good manners. He could not stand seeing other monkeys being bad-mannered and dirty.

Sam went to the restaurant and bought... A BIG BOWL OF NOODLES. He :bofu_45: [gobbled it up].
He also ordered a fresh batch of cookies from the best bakery in town, and.. he :bofu_12: [ate it up all up] as well.

Monkeyzach was enraged with Sam's bad dining manners and that he was eating Monkeyzach's favourite noodles and cookies. He could stand it no longer. Monkeyzach ferociously snatched the bowl of noodles and plate of cookies from Sam. Unfortunately by the time he got to the food, Sam was finished. Monkeyzach :mCry: [cried] and he :mSurrender: [announced complete surrender].

Sam :bofu_18: [rejoiced his victory]. He turned to see Ada, but she:puteh_15: [was very angry at them]. She :puteh_9: [scolded] them and said that she never wanted to see them again. She walked off, but then she turned back and :puteh_16: [sticked her tongue out at them].

Sam's happiness turned into :bofu_38: [anger] and :bofu_24: [sadness].

Monkeyzach apologized to Sam for his abrupt stupidity. He explained that he was never that violent and aggresive. But because of love, Monkeyzach lost all control of his emotions. After apologizing, he commited suicide by :mHantuk: [hitting his monkey head against a wall].

So in the end, no one was a winner.
The end.

The cast and crew of the story thanks you for reading the story!
:puteh_27:"Goodbye readers! I don't have those 2 maniacs chasing me anymore, so I'm available!"
:mTorchlight: "I'm a ghost..."
:pandaGeli_01: "Buhbye, remember to call me to purchase my wonderful love potion! Your girl can wait no more!!"
:bofu_33: "I'd like to thank everyone who was involved in this story.. and ummm.. I am still traumatized by.. *sigh*"

No animals and/or humans were harmed in the making of this story.

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