School field trip to organic farm & rice factory!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yo people! :mKipas:
Today we PMR students went to Bangi & Semenyih (I think) to visit an organic farm and a rice factory...
It will truly be an experience I will never forget:pandaGeli_15:

I was suppose to sit with Felicity but ended up sitting with Saswiney cause teacher separated us into two buses :pandaGeli_20:


No offence to anyone who likes this farmer!
They label him as the 'gay farmer'. Cause he's wearing female track pants and he speaks like one. But he seems to know a lot of stuff about agriculture! (Well, that's cause he's a farmer :mGuilty:). He also does not encourage recycling :pandaGeli_16:. This is the first time I hear anyone say that recycling is bad.

Look at them pulling my hand and clinging on to me! Not used to the soaky muddy soil huh, guys ;)

This organic farm has a different way of conveying the eat-organic-vege-and-fruits message. He made us walk barefoot around the farm. And no, they did not have a nice marble luxurious path for us to walk on! It was all soil, mud, rocks, grass and cement (hard cracked cement!). The small rocks were everywhere, so it was kind of like a foot reflexology thing, which hurt really bad. Stupid red ants bit me!! I now, have a fear of red ants (Myrmecophobia, but only red ants!).

Mind you, we're city folks! We're not used to these kinda things. We walk with SHOES on TAR ROADS/MARBLE FLOORS. We're also pretty spoilt cool.
We so didn't expect this. I probably stepped on many little microorganisms which I still have not washed off from my feet yet!
Man, you should see Mak Yee Leng complaining and whining xD! She was screaming and everyone was looking at her :mCry:

Well of course, there are benefits to this. The farmer said, that the static electric charges from our body (that we get from electrical appliances) are being transferred to the ground during our walk because well.... read your Form 3 Science Chapter 7 (Electricity). Also, we got to see ORGANIC vegetables and fruits being planted! There were also some wild flowers around the area.

Wanted to buy some organic fruits and the sugar cane drink, but I didn't see it anywhere.. apparently, I heard that the teachers bought them all T.T


WOAHS! A trail of barefooted students.

Then there was this cool red banana! It's probably cross-pollinated, but it tastes sweet (:


Excited Yoong! When she was watching the video, she ooh-ed and aah-ed so loud, everyone was looking at her. I'm serious! You don't see Yoong this excited (except about SuJu) xD. And the funny thing is, it's agriculture she's excited about.

Demonstration on how the paddy husks are removed.

Weng Seong with the Royal QQ rice. I still don't know what's so special about the rice. It tastes sweeter and softer, but it might be because of the way they cook it. But I bought one packet anyways. I thought that my grandma would scold me for buying rice. She would probably say, "At home no rice meh? Buy for what?!". But surprisingly, she said that I should have bought more, because it's cheaper if you buy it at the factory, which is true. So regretted not buying more!

Even teacher buy so much rice!

Aww I hope they have another field trip soon. Haha, everyone wants to go to FRIM!

More pictures HERE


Baby arrives prematurely on AirAsia flight to Kuching

PUTRAJAYA: A baby boy arrived unexpectedly during an AirAsia flight to Kuching.

Liew Siaw Hsia, a 31-year-old waitress from Taiping, took the flight from Penang last night when she was just 27 weeks pregnant, a week shy of the recommended travel ban for pregnant mothers.

When she boarded the flight, she said that there was already some discomfort.

But 20 minutes into the journey, she started feeling contractions and the flight crew immediately made an emergency diversion to Kuala Lumpur.

"When I started feeling a lot of pain, I was still too nervous to ask for assistance. It was when I couldn't take it anymore that I asked the passenger beside me for help," said Liew.

She said that the flight attendants tried to calm her down and to hold on from giving birth, but the pain was too unbearable.

"They immediately asked the other passengers sitting around me to move elsewhere, and asked for a doctor on the PA system," she said.

On the flight was Dr Ronald Tang, another passenger, who quickly volunteered his services to the nervous mother while the cabin crew held her hand throughout the entire ordeal.

The baby was safely delivered in mid-air when flight AK 6506 was being re-routed to Kuala Lumpur.

As soon as the aircraft landed, a waiting ambulance and paramedics whisked the baby and mother to the Putrajaya Hospital here.

AirAsia director of operations Moses Devanayagam visited the mother and child yesterday to congratulate them, and to also present them both with free flights for life.

"I would like to congratulate Liew and wish her all the best of luck.

"Delivering a baby at 2,000 feet is indeed a very rare experience, and certainly she will cherish the moment forever," he said.

Flight AK5606 was on its way to Kuching but had to be re-routed to the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) in Sepang when a pregnant passenger told crew members she was in labour pains.

Liew Siaw Hsia, 31, gave birth through the normal delivery to a premature but healthy boy, who became the first born in an AirAsia aircraft.

Edd Razhe, the personal assistant to the AirAsia chairman, said when the pilot was informed of the emergency, he contacted the control tower requesting a re-route to LCCT.

"The ambulance was already at the airport to take the woman and her baby to Putrajaya Hospital," he said when contacted here, today.

Edd said although it was an emergency, situation in the aircraft was normal and under control.

AirAsia will provide a lifetime of free flights to both Liew and her son to all destinations. - BERNAMA

Oh my goodness, so coincidentally got doctor on the plane..
Why wasn't I born on a plane?!!! I can have free tickets FOR LIFE. To anywhere!
Now I know where to give birth to my baby next time.

Rot, rot, rot!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trying my best not to rot now. It's not even the school holidays now! I have a list of things I have planned out for myself to do after PMR (sidebar), just to keep myself occupied.
Lol, I feel like studying Add-Maths earlier, that's weird.

Watched 2 movies this week! Surrogates, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Both (in my opinion) are good movies.

Surroagates had a very smart plot and storyline. At first it was kinda confusing (for me lah), but after the story progressed, I slowly understood everything.

Compared to G-Force, Cloudy was the better movie :mWekk:. Flint is so funny! He's a bit crazy too :pandacloud_15:. I was always wondering, "What if it rained durians?" :pandaGeli_03:

Went to Genting last Wed with my cousin and her boyfriend. He has some awards dinner that night. So I accompany my cousin :D
They're so loving <3

Lo, and behold! My cousin has a real, expensive, Louis Vuitton bag. Bought from UK! My cousin's bf's mother bought for her. So good xD
(Click for super large view)

Tomorrow going to some organic farm in Bangi (school field trip)! Hopefully can bring camera :D

Off to piano class now. Sigh, so lazy, don't want to go confused

Traumatic, yet fun.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today, a few of us were chosen to take care of the stations for Form 1 registration in the hall.
I was in charge of my own ex-school's station, SK Taman Segar (GO SEGARRRRR!)
I miss SKTS terribly :( So glad to hear we're having a SKTS gathering soon.

It was quite fun, talking to the parents, answering their questions, registering their kids..

Until we met this father, and his daughter.
Everything went swell at first. After they left for 5 minutes, then Sofier and I realized.. we forgot to collect their surat penempatan (a letter of where they are supposed to go to when they go up to sec. school). Without the letter, there is no confirmation that she was suppose to be registered in this school. :mNo:

AND the worst is yet to come. Miss Chan (not me, my teacher) was walking around, checking on everyone's progress. We ALL know how Cik Chan is, right? eek

So I had no choice but to chase the guy back. When I reached the school foyer, I saw his daughter and him getting in their Proton Waja. I RAN FASTER! Luckily, I reached them in time before they started the car and drove off. I asked for her surat penempatan. She gave me this piece of paper with a lot of text on it. LOL, honestly, at that time, I didn't know how the letter looked like cause I never really observed what's on it. I just collect, and stapler it with another form.
I wasn't sure whether THAT piece of paper was the letter, so I had to tell them that the school will call them back. LOLLLL, well, it WAS the letter we were forgot to collect from them. Hopefully, he's not waiting for our call.

After that (few hours later), the number of people coming in was decreasing. Probably no one wants to register at that time. I was so bored and did not bring anything to do at all, so I played Spider Solitaire and other games in the laptop teacher provided us for keying in information of students. Naughty me.

This was when things went haywire again. I got bored of playing games, so I checked out the SKTS students information (not invasion of privacy!). My clicks were too fast, I accidentally clicked, "Hapuskan maklumat murid" (Delete student's information). Gosh, I couldn't remember the guy's class, address, and other info except for his name, gender and school (SKTS, duh). I tried to refreshing and re-opening the program, but it didn't work. So I told En. Khairul (I would never dare to tell Cik Chan!) about it. He gave me a floppy disk with all the stuff inside.

I put in the floppy disk, imported the stuff and re-opened the app.

:pandaGeli_18: EVERYTHING was gone. Not only the boy's name, everything!! They were all replaced with '[deleted]'.
:mGergaji: I wanted to saw En. Khairul at that time, literally. But I calmed down, and refreshed the page. OH CHEHHH. It's available now :)
Made another few moves I made which affected the thing, but I fixed 'em all! Geng leh?

Thank God! It's like He was there to help me through it all. I didn't end up getting in trouble :D

Yeah, so everything else then onwards, was okay. Cik Chan was scolding En. Khairul for not doing this, not doing that. Poor guy. Teacher, scolding another teacher, in front of parents and students. Not a very wise move.

Loving Joy William's album, Genesis. All the songs in it, are nice.

God Only Knows

Beautiful Redemption

I'm in Love With You

PMR: Day Five/Last day

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kemahiran Hidup (Living Skills)
I was almost late for the paper. No, I went to school on time (in fact, much earlier before the exam started). In PMR, I am known as student WP073K23 (my angka giliran, easy to rmb cause one part of it is related to my bday!). We (K21-K26 students) were sooo clueless because the two exam halls for KH ERT (Home Science) candidates are already full. So we wandered around the school looking for a teacher who could help. We were so afraid they forgot/left us out and we couldn't sit for our exam.
Who knew we were assigned to sit in the hall with all the other KH KT (Technical) and PK (Accounts) students.

But KH was ok. Didn't know how to answer most of the electricity questions.

I'm going to come up with more since I'm not as busy now.. I am also gonna work on a new layout. This one is getting boring.

Had a fun time with Phoebe and Lydia jie jie @ Saisaki and Mid Valley!


Bowling @ Mid Valley!

I can't post the score because it's too embarassing :P!
Love taking pics of food :pandaGeli_32:
Thanks for letting me tag along :pandaGeli_14:

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