Astro has failed me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

argh Astro has failed me :(
that sentence "Services currently not available" and that dang little box beneath it is appearing!! then it's not, then it is! then it's not, then it is again.
WHY NOW? i'm trying to watch Life Art on Wah Lai Toi xD WHY?!
darn it, it's like.. the 2nd last episode! and i can't watch it online cause Crunchyroll liscensed the series and i can't download the episodes. IF NOT, i would've watched it endlessly throughout time (doesn't make sense xD)
haha most of the shows i'm watching are at its last episode today. The Charm Beneath, Life Art etc. Very 'kan cheong' and critical moment for me. I still have the other TV to depend on to watch TCB though. THANK GOD.

pictures of birthday cake (notice something??):

it's now (25/6, 3:15PM) half-eaten!

made a banner for hkcelebrities :) [not the real HK celebrities, a friend called hkcelebrities] hope you like it!:

sick :(

Monday, June 23, 2008

tell me, how many people get sick on their birthdays.
lol, who knows. but i know i did. evil terrible flu!
and i added a new song in my playlist, When Our Hearts Sing by Rush of Fools.

You are more than what we can sing
You are God and nothing we bring
Is fit for a King
So, search us and know deep in our souls
We praise You

You are infinite worth
When we've not the words
Our hearts will sing
We are here on the earth
And somehow we 're heard
When our hearts sing to You

You are more than words on our lips
We are poor, with nothing to give
But, we want to bring
More than the song we sing to praise You, we praise You

When Our Hearts Sing - Rush of Fools

happy birthday to dear stephy! (sugar-sweet):

Come To Jesus.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Do ponder over the lyrics. They're super meaningful and the song's beautiful :)

Come To Jesus - Chris Rice

Weak and wounded sinner
Lost and left to die
O, raise your head, for love is passing by
Come to Jesus
Come to Jesus
Come to Jesus and live!

Now your burden's lifted
And carried far away
And precious blood has washed away the stain, so
Sing to Jesus
Sing to Jesus
Sing to Jesus and live!

And like a newborn baby
Don't be afraid to crawl
And remember when you walk
Sometimes we
Fall on Jesus
Fall on Jesus
Fall on Jesus and live!

Sometimes the way is lonely
And steep and filled with pain
So if your sky is dark and pours the rain, then
Cry to Jesus
Cry to Jesus
Cry to Jesus and live!

O, and when the love spills over
And music fills the night
And when you can't contain your joy inside, then
Dance for Jesus
Dance for Jesus
Dance for Jesus and live!

And with your final heartbeat
Kiss the world goodbye
Then go in peace, and laugh on Glory's side, and
Fly to Jesus
Fly to Jesus
Fly to Jesus and live!

my Nintendo DS; Life Art episode 16

Thursday, June 19, 2008

God really blessed me when I got it (NinDS). Me & my dad were at Low Yat Plaza, looking for something. Then I asked, "Daddy can buy Nintendo DS ah?" and he said, "Hmmm, will you study harder?" and i replied, "OF COURSE!". So we went to the stall and the pink one captured my attention. I don't know why, LOL. So i bought it right away.

After a few weeks, it fell 'sick'. Then we repaired it, then it got 'sick' again. ARGH. So we repaired it again, now it's working fine. We have food stains all over it. Since I got the Nintendo DS, everyone @ home got crazy over it! Aunties, uncles, GRANDMA, brother... WHEEEE xD

Mario Kart DS!

YAY Cooking Mama 2!

Now watching The Charm Beneath, NTV7. 6.00pm on weekdays. I would love to watch from Astro (downstairs) but grandma watching TVB Xing He O.O. Got too bored so I took pictures of the TV. Since I'm not watching it from Astro, the pictures are really low-quality. If you watch it, you probably know what scene this is :P (without reading the Malay subs!)

Auntie & Yao Yip (?, Moses)

Pregnant Ming Wai, husband & her mum (Gigi, ?, ?)

Wan Sheung & Yi Fong (Anne & Yoyo)

Ming Wai & husband

Chuk Yao Yip

Woah evil woman.

Today's post is very picture-y.
WHEEEE Life Art Episode 16 tonight (they start going out):

for more (pics & episode summary):

aiyaaa tonight have to burn midnight oil to do Sejarah homework. OUCH.

Excited & tired...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh gosh i'm really excited! Why you ask? haha because my birthday is coming (23rd June)! my auntie has already given me a nice shirt as a birthday gift. i LOVE it! Argghhhh now doing a 400-word interview essay on whatever recipe i can get my hands on. Now searching online for something easy, quick & convenient (for me to write about).

Random pictures

Wahhh see this girl also scared already xD (Taken with Felicity's camera thumbdrive). haha don't bother the crappy wood thingie.

The violinists at the CBC/ESC Charity Dinner

Had the spell-it-right challenge today. AHHHH congrats to us, we won! I had Felicity, Carmen Hor and Amanda Law as teammates. We all did really good :) Some of the words were pretty simple.. like ferocious, unconscious, FAHRENHEIT (this was really easy cause it's a also the name of a Taiwanese band which Ysabelle mostly talks about) etc. BUT, there were hard ones such as ambiguous, bureaucracy (teacher wanted to make us spell that, but she didn't) etc. Our class (2 Efektif) had 15 points altogether, 2 D had 10 and 2 C had 9. Very grateful to God :D

Arghhh finally finished the 200-lines of "Saya akan memastikan tapak perhimpunan senyap sepanjang masa perhimpunan". We prefects (seniors) had to write 100 lines, but because I did not pass mine up on Monday, had to write 200. OUCH. I can recite the line to you over and over again without looking at the paper! haha. IT'S IN MY HEAD. Unfortunately, i didn't take a picture of it. Couldn't take it back :( I was so proud of myself after writing those 200-lines. 160+ in school, and 40+ at home/tuition. I was crazy tired after finishing it all. I WANT MY PAPER BACK :(!!!

One of the shows i'm re-watching on TV now is Life Art on Astro Channel 311 (Wah Lai Toi). I don't watch it at night, i watch it in the afternoon after school cause I have tuition at night :(. It's currently on episode 13. They just showed the trailer for the next ep (Life Art) and it's the episode where they (Kevin & Gigi) start to get chummy. I honestly love the show. Besides Kevin & Gigi, quite liked the art Paul did as well. Looks.... nice!

On the next ep (tonight):
note: site contains short synopsis and screencaps.


FULL credits to fairytale promise's blog.

New banner; posters of Gem!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Haha finally got a new banner. YES it's Gigi again. I don't really have any other nice pictures to put as the blog banner (of other people). This is currently B.3

Pictures of the church Charity Dinner (Up for grabs!):

it looks like Cheaper By The Dozen :D 12 children and one proud dad. the mom's off on a book tour!

ME, Queenie, Phoebe, Adrienne.
We're wearing all black cause we were performing! Well except for Adrienne, but she looks beautiful in black :)

The violinists/pianists of the night.

There are many posters of 'The Gem of Life' posted up at the Shanghai International Film Gallery. I LOVE THE FIRST ONE & SECOND ONE (more to come):

These pictures aren't taken by me!

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SERIES. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR A YEAR. C'MON, AIR IT ALREADY TVB!!! 50-60 episodes of Gigi&Ada. AND Moses & Eddie fighting for Gigi. I'd love to watch that <3. and Heart of Greed II (which its title is changed [not sure] to Moonlight Resonance according to Wikipedia).

Arghhh today went for powerpoint competition @ SMK Sains Selangor. Gosh the school's so clean, compared to mine. We had 3 hours to finish 70 slides. We did it in time (thank God!) Ysabelle & Yoong were very high today too! I can't go for the presentation on Saturday cause I have something going on, so FELICITY FONG please back me up on this. TQ :)

Camp ;)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yay! Wilson finally uploaded the camp pictures! We were told to break his bones if he doesn't upload them by tonight. But I bet I saw more pictures! Hmm maybe he hasn't uploaded them yet. so.. MORE TO COME! LOL. And today we had World Play Day in church too :) I was suppose to chaperon this special need kid with mild autism, but he didn't show up so I helped Phoebe. and it's kind of like the last day before Adrienne leaves KL and heads for Sarawak. I shall miss you Adrienne! Awaiting your return.

Me & Adrienne :P

Camp was awesome.
(Pictures are up for grabs campers!)

IN THE BUS :) haha random apple there xD

At the first few minutes of camp, we were asked to look under our chairs, and see who had a paper with a star. And i got the paper with the star. So we had to say 5 things about ourselves, that no one knows. I've been in the church all my life, I bet they would know every single thing about me. 5 people came out (including me). So when it was my turn, I said almost everything about me. And they all were like "WE KNOW!". But at the end, they got tired of seeing me so they just faked and said they didn't know. HAHA! Look @ my shoulders, I was tensed.

I loved the activities!

We were split into 5 teams. Rephaiah (MINE!), Hattush, Pasach, Ozem & Mishma.
We had MetaRace ONCE they finished all the announcements and rules.
MetaRace had 5 different activities. After we complete the activity we collect the hint from the counselor in charge and move on to the next place.

Our first was to watch this video and answer at least 3 questions correct. We were the first to reach, and finished it successfully.

That's me trying to convince committee Ivan that there are enough balloons on his body in the 1st pic. 2nd picture, is Hattush & Rephaiah running to the finish line! We're sticking (i forgot how many) balloons on a team member (which unfortunately was Andrew!). LOL Rachel said he looked like he had boobs O.O

We were suppose to build a 25-feet tall monument in the 3rd activity with only STRAWS. No tape, no glue. Ours only made it to 20-feet tall, but Uncle (or should I say, Counselor) Jacky SHOWED MERCY and let us go :)

The 4th was to send a team member for a tasting game. Rachel from our group was sent in with some others from the other groups. The counselors purposely gave them dark chocolate (99% cocoa) to make their tongues numb so that they can't taste the rest xD. That's Adrienne in the picture from the Pasach group.

That's Pasach & Ozem in the pictures. We had to use this huge banner and scoop water into it and it'll flow in the bucket in the 5th activity. HAHA! Something unfortunate happened. The 1st tank of water wasn't enough so Bryan went to take more water and came back with water mixed with thiner. We didn't know till, Ivan came and announced it. Andrew and Jon KK used their mouths. OUCH. Yeah so our hands/mouths felt pretty weird after that.

On the 3rd day, we played Capture The Flag. It was very fun, but it was so sunny it spoiled our mood. Rephaiah's location was RIGHT UNDER THE SUN while the other groups locations which had shades. ARGH.

That's Ruth from Ozem, trying to get her flag, but as you can see she's going the wrong way. OKAY, a team member has to be blindfolded and another team member leads the blindfolded guy out to the battlefield to take back their own group flag, and another group's flag. If all flags are taken, we have to be aggressive and steal other group's flags by going in their territory. If they tag us by taking our specific coloured strings from us.. we're then their prisoners and our own team sends out a doctor.

These pictures are from the game, The Legend of Porampo. Which was on the 2nd day.
The tale tells of this Caucasian businessman in the olden days, who had this successful company in trading stuff @ Melaka. Then one day his warehouse got burnt and he went wild&crazy, so he changed his name to Porampo (in ancient Malay language, the Bloody Swordfish) and became a rebellious pirate. He craved for money and if no one listens to him, he will draw his sword through the person's heart and slowly enjoy seeing the life drain out of the person's eyes (quoted from the video!). Then one day, he went missing. No one knows what happened to him. And so.. it was OUR job to find out.

At the end, Pasach won! haha. Wilson & Shan Berg made a mistake in hiding different hints in the same place. So we couldn't find our 7th hint. And that's what made us slow. We were last, but we still enjoyed the game. We learn from our mistakes. IT WAS SO HARD AND MIND-BOGGLING!! We took 6-7 hours to complete the whole game.

the JP Sessions (Josh Presley sessions, he's the camp speaker from US) were okay. He talked really fast though but I understood him. Josh is a very funny guy :D

We were given time to create our beautiful group flags. We came out with this.

Other flags (Mishma & Ozem's flags weren't taken):

THE FOOD WAS GREAT. It couldn't have been any better.
We had different varieties of food everyday. then at night we had supper which we supplied ourselves with, CUP NOODLES

The Sarasota Baptist Church also came to visit us from the US! we sang songs and really enjoyed ourselves.

We had our own family groups (groups of us with almost the same age). Counselor See Kay was our group counselor. She's been seeing some of us grow in church since we were born (she's 20 something now) and she let out so many embarrassing stuff about us while we were young in our family group gatherings.

HAHA. There was this random moment where they were all playing with my hair, and suddenly Wilson (counselor Wilson!) came and played with my hair too. Then he posed for Jon KK's camera phone, and he ended up showing his 'feminine' side.


the 1st picture is us, well acting silly. and the 2nd is.. EVERYONE! Rephaiah's flag is so clear.

Gideon ALWAYS playing his PSP (not a camper, only followed his mum Counselor Daniella)


Us in the bus, on our way home :( Jon KK, you and Shawn burped so much the whole bus stinked!! Haha but thanks for sharing your sparkling wine/snacks with us.

The girl who scolded you-know-who!

Shawn, the beet-boxer!

CJ, the youngest camper :)


Shawn & Peter Ashraf (Peter's the most insprational camper in camp!)

Kelly Kok! (Best female camper this year!)

Kenneth & Shan Berg (Kenneth is the best male camper this year)



I miss camp so much now. Tomorrow's the last day of our 2-week school holiday. I feel so sad and emo-ish. LOL.

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