Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

It is 8 minutes till 12AM, 1 Jan 2010!!!
God bless everyone. Hope that the new year will be great, blessed an prosperous.

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Merry Christmas to all (:

Friday, December 25, 2009

Yay, it's Christmas!!!! :D

Happy Birthday Jesus
I'm so glad it's Christmas
All the tinsels and lights
And the presents are nice
But the real gift is You

Happy Birthday Jesus
I'm so glad it's Christmas
All the carols and bells
Make the holidays swell
And it's all about You

Happy Birthday Jesus
Jesus, I love you :)

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Happy Birthday Jesus

This is a little something I made :)


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Christmas & PMR Results Day

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This post is mostly about me ranting... and ranting... and ranting.

Oh yes, Christmas is here! I have been anticipating Christmas..
But after I heard that the PMR results day was on Christmas Eve.. honestly, I didn't feel very good about Christmas anymore :puteh_11:
Yes I know, Christmas is not about my exam results but it's about Jesus! So whatever I get, I must learn to believe that whatever the results are, I must not sulk over it.

Yeah I keep telling that to myself but in the end, it just goes back to... "I won't get straight As... this is so going to ruin my Christmas."
I don't know, I mean.. I have tried being optimistic and positive about my results, but it's just not working at all. I have really low confidence when it comes to results. This happens everytime I sit for an exam, and I never get over it.
Remember the piano exam? I practically freaked out after the exam and kept telling myself I won't pass... I'll fail. But in the end, I got a merit, which was TOTALLY unexpected and came from nowhere. I would have never expected I would pass, let alone a merit!! Lol, I'm not trying to brag but seriously.. :puteh_8:
I am really thankful to God for this.. :puteh_2:It's a miracle!!!

I just hope my PMR results would be something like my piano exam results. I expect it to be really bad, but in the end it turns out to be really good :D
Sigh, getting bad results would be more painful than a physical slap on my face :puteh_30:Or hitting my head on the glass :mHantuk:. It would really disappoint me and my parents. I keep telling myself, "I tried my best.. I studied as hard as I could. I can't do anything anymore, there's no use crying over spilt milk". But I mean, who would feel good after getting bad results right?? I'm just afraid that the results will affect my Christmas spirit.

I remember UPSR. It was still pretty clear in my mind. I got 4 over 5As.. I cried for two nights straight, curling up in my bed and didn't want to leave the room (kinda). I am a freakin' neurotic!!
I hope I don't do the same for PMR. If not, I would miss Christmas this year, and I so don't want that.

You know the thing they always say.. "If you think you can, you can". Sorry la, I honestly think I can and cannot at the same time. And if that was true, I am so dead.

Haha, and Christmas caroling would be at night. I'm very sure.. people will be asking me how my results were. Lol, no lah I don't mind you guys asking. If I got good results, haha, I obviously wouldn't mind telling you! But if I don't get good results, I don't know what to say. I don't think I even want to open my mouth. I'll just prepare a card which says my results and flash it to anyone who asks. I shall consider that :P

Whatever my results are, I must concentrate on the future.. seriously must study extra hard next year :bofu_44:. Everytime I get this kind of motivation, it just fades away and I become as lazy as a pig again.

My goodness, I really have a messed up mind...

I'll probably be writing another Christmas post another day. See you then :)

Somewhere beyond the sea...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm back from my cruise!

It was unbelievably fun. The food was great, but not up to my expectations :puteh_15:

Photos: Food from Bella Vista (Western restaurant)

We had these access cards which was something like our passports and credit cards

I also met people who I have not seen for a freakin long time!

Day 1
Took the night train to Singapore..

While waiting, we went to a S'porean supermarket and Vivo City! We were about to board the ship @ the Singapore Cruise Centre, Harbour Front.. there were tons of people, I tell you. TONS!! And I knew.. I was going to have to snatch facilities with another dude on the ship.

We boarded the ship.. surprisingly, thank God.. I did not feel seasick! I didn't even feel like puking! It was a miracle :D Although I didn't feel seasick, I could feel the ship moving and swaying, which made me a bit dizzy.

Then we immediately had lunch at a Chinese restaurant called The Pavillion.

After that we explored the ship.. went to the library... it overlooked the sea :)

For dinner, we went to Bella Vista, a western restaurant (Serene's favourite place on the ship XD). For a high-class western restaurant, it sounded very noisy and busy.. but the lightings and the deco made the place feel luxurious and romantic.
There was no jazz music! The most important thing in a luxurious Western restaurant, is the music.. So I listened to jazz in my iPod instead. But of course, it does not feel the same as having real jazz music being played.
The darn pianist came after we finished our main courses :mHantuk: He played mostly familiar Christmas songs..

And just like other western restaurants, the meal consists of appetizers, main courses and dessert.

Shrimp, clams & squid

Main course - Beef Bourguignon
(No photo available..)

A variety of international cheese & crackers
Haha, eating this was an unforgettable memory. The cheese tasted unexpectedly horrible... I think it was blue cheese and some other cheeses. The cheese slightly touched the grapes, which made the grapes tasted horrible as well. Sorry la, I'm not very high class and rich so I have not tasted these kinda cheese before.. :P That's why I wanted to give it a try! It tasted (and smelled) so bad.. I only ate the crackers and tomatoes.

We watched a performance by international acrobats and dancers called Maestro & Muse.

Ah Mei jie jie gave me a bracelet before I went on the cruise.. and I dropped it.. ON THE FIRST DAY :( Gosh, I feel like a bad cousin!
Already dropped/lost something on the first day...

Day 2
We disembarked at Penang. They gave us a whole day to visit and explore the place. LOL but our group didn't really want to go for so long. We live so near Penang XD!

Yay, there was a gym where I could work out and burn some calories from all the food intake!

Like the library.. it overlooked the sea!

Then we played poker cards.. gin rummy, fishing, chor dai di! I think we used half of the time in the ship playing cards XD!

Photos: These pictures were taken at different times..
The workers at the activity centre (where we rented our cards) already recognized us since day 1 because we kept renting cards XD!
"Wow, you guys like to play cards!"

For dinner we ate at Bella Vista AGAIN. This time the pianist came on time!
Smoked salmon (this was not what I ordered, but I tried it!)
Chicken breast + ravioli (i love everything except the vege!)

@ night we watched another performance called 'The Land of Make Believe'.

It was performed by the cruise staff themselves.. which is pretty spectacular :O

Then we had buffet supper.. at 12AM! Although it was supper, it looked more like dinner.

Day 3

We reached Phuket!

We had to sit in a boat to get to Phuket because our ship was parked in the middle of the sea XD

They had a lot of cool stuff there! They had all kinds of glasses, shirts etc...

We played table tennis...

At night we watched another performance.. 'Little Mermaid'.

Day 4

Time to go home :(

We disembarked the ship at night.. and we had to hire a few cabs to bring us to the S'pore train station. Gosh, hiring cabs there was a bit traumatic.. because all the cabs were 'on call', which meant they were already booked by other people and there were no available cabs for a long time. And there was a long queue, and we were arguing with this Caucasian about cutting queues.. But in the end (THANK GOD), we made it. JUST ON TIME TOO! We reached the train station @ 9.50PM when the train was suppose to leave at 10PM :)

Sat the night train once again.. and I was back home in KL.

This was a really great experience for me.. and I will miss it! Hopefully I can go back next year.. :bofu_48:

Phuket, here I come!

Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm going for a cruise to Phuket tomorrow night!

Will be taking the night train to Singapore, and then boarding the ship there.
Going with my aunties, my cousin and my relatives!

Picture courtesy of my aunty :)

We will be boarding, the SuperStar Virgo

Are you crying at the very sight of it? Cause I am :pandaGeli_19: (haha, can't find a right emoticon for that)

All the food already paid.. so I can eat as much as I want! This is my kind of haven (yes, haven, not heaven).

They have ping pong on board! So, after eating all those definite-fat-gaining food, I will play sports :D!

OMGAWSH I hope it doesn't rain.. but it's rainy season!

Too bad I don't have a iPhone. If not, I can upload the pics on the spot!!
If there's wi-fi, I might be tweeting and updating my Facebook status, so check it out :D

So this blog will be on hiatus till Thursday. I will surely be posting about my trip!

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