Finally over!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yes, SPM is finally over!

But it doesn't end on a good note.

I was looking forward to the moment where I would finally be free from the chains of SPM. But seems like I'm the unlucky one. The one who did badly in her LAST paper, making that magic moment of joy and euphoria... a moment of sadness, regret and devastation. Seriously, while my friends were going crazy, and while I heard screams of relief and elation, I was down in the dumps, trying to understand why the heck I did photosynthesis, instead of transpiration.

Now, the only thing I can do now is PRAY I get at least an A-. Because that question, cost me at least 15 marks. That's a lot of marks. 15 MARKS gone for Paper 3! Which altogether, plus the rest of the papers, would be 7.5 marks. That is A LOT. Those are the kind of marks you want if you want to jump from a B to an A. And dammit, I don't want a B!

I was actually feeling pretty good about Biology, before Paper 3. Made mistakes, but not enough to make me feel as neurotic as this.

Well, since we're talking about exam mistakes, why not I just load them all in here?

Add Maths sucked. Maths sucked. Physics sucked. The rest were okay I think? I don't know. I think everything sucks right now and my judgment towards whether the paper was hard or not is distorted.

Can't enjoy my freedom...

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