A new start

Friday, December 28, 2012

Presenting the revised version of.....

1. Sign myself up for Fitness First to exercise whenever I want to [Brad Pitt style?] 
2. Learn how to make some healthy Western food [probably of questionable quality], specifically salad and juices  
3. Operation "Pimp My Ride" a.k.a clean up and decorate my car 
4. Learn how to drive to certain places without having to panic without someone by my side 
5. Tidy my wardrobe and study desk so my mum can stop telling me to all the time [HI MUM] 
6. Read the new novels I bought in 2012 
7. Dip dye my hair [Purple, maybe? Or blue. What do you think?] 
8. Curl my hair again? [Dip dye looks nicer on curly hair T_T] 
9. Practice nail art skills [Mmhmm as if I had any to start with...] 
10. Get a new camera lens, specifically zoom lens e.g. 75-300mm 
11. Get a new phone, specifically the next iPhone that comes 
12. Do hospital/clinical attachments 
13. Find out and decide [once and for all] what I aspire to become 
14. Get new dress(es) 
15. Get flats 
16. Code a new layout for this blog 
HAHAHA I haven't even sat for my exams yet and here I am jotting down what I want to after the exams. Getting way ahead of myself but I'm already excited for all the things I'm going to do.

2013 is a fresh new start for me. And hopefully, a time where I can start fixing the problems I've made in the past.

This wishlist which was last updated in 2010 (WHOA). Most of the things I've removed because I simply don't want them anymore, have gotten them already or find it impossible to get; and added a lot of new things. Or even because I've grown up and realized that it was childish to want things like that.

One of the few things that came true was a new laptop. I got a new Dell XPS14Z :)

Things like a Sony Ericsson W910 and Nikon Coolpix S1000pj are both too outdated.

Also, I wanted to play piano for church, and I am now so that wish was fulfilled!

I wanted more high heels in my previous wishlist. Guess what? My godmother got me the HIGHEST heels I have ever worn :D Now, all I need are flats HAHAHA (And slightly shorter heels. I don't think I'll ever stop wanting heels. I am a girl after all :P).

However, I didn't get to continue learning my violin or piano. I wanted to finish grade 8, but I stopped half way because I had no energy to practice what with coming home at 9pm almost every night. But looking back, to be honest I could've done it and I should've. Whether I pass, is another story though lol. I was so close to to the top, getting to finally taste the fruit of almost 9 years of labour, but I gave up because I didn't want to fail. :/ COWARD CARMEN.

I used to ask for SO many things XD
Losing weight, increasing my stamina, getting to drive by myself to the places I want to go and studying consistently are the 4 main goals of next year. 

And sorry for not updating my blog as often as I should because you know, people are dying to know all about what I'm doing hehe. Exams are in 9 days. I shouldn't be even writing this post. I'm in deep shit, and I'm royally screwed. Practically digging my own grave right now. Sigh.

God, please grant me the courage and strength to make my dreams come true. Thanks God, You're the man.

And if anyone human is reading this, props to you for still being somewhat interested in my ugly, decrepit, semi-abandoned blog and my boring life. PROPS TO YOU. Collect a hug from me, you deserved it :)

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