The Zwitter family

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sorry for not updating this blog for a really long time. I've lost inspiration in blogging. And I don't think I'm as 'entertaining' as I was before anymore :P

So recently, I've been playing Sims 3 again, as I'm in this endless cycle of being addicted to the game and then hating the game because I play too much of it. The cycle has started ever since Sims 1 came out. I will forever be a Sims fan!!

I made this new family called the Zwitter household. Why I even named them Zwitter? I have no idea.

This household initially consisted of 2 girls and 1 boy. The red-haired Amy is the sister of the 'Baldie', the pretty hot guy you see in the pictures whose name I forgot. Blondie (I forgot her name too, so this is her nickname for now) is a childhood friend of Amy's and they now stay together in the same house.

After years of being in love, Baldie popped the question to Blondie and she accepted his proposal! They had a grand wedding and all went well.

Blondie works as a chef at a nearby diner. As for Baldie, because of his neat, handy and nurturing traits, I made him a stay-home dad. He helps to clean the house, and repairs the broken appliances. Together, Baldie and Blondie had a daughter whose name I also forgot. (Goes to show how much thinking I did for their names. And how absolutely horrible my memory is sigh)

While Baldie and Blondie are in marital bliss, Amy was involved in a scandal. She was dating a police vampire. But he never had time for her, and she then met Matthew Hamming, one of the biggest stars in the film industry of Twinbrook, who helms a 4 star status. They quickly fell in love and while still dating the police vampire, she was secretly meeting Matthew by inviting him over. Soon, news broke out that Amy was cheating on her boyfriend and unfortunately now has the 'cheating' reputation. But she didn't care at all, and after dating Matthew, Amy has made a name for herself in the celebrities social circle. She has the star quality trait, making her a natural actress even in her youth. She very quickly obtained a 5 star status! 

Since Blondie was working in a 5-star restaurant as a pastry chef, and Amy was a rising star (and cause I used the motherlode cheat heh), the money they earned together was enough to hire a professional interior designer Phoebe Lee, to give their small suburban home a huge makeover, into a homey mansion.

Unfortunately, after Baldie took a dip in the hot tub, I made him fix a stereo and he died of electrocution :(

Immediately after his death, I found out that Blondie was pregnant with another child of Baldie's :O The Grim Reaper takes one life, and another life forms in Blondie's womb.

Amy had a son out of wedlock with Matthew named Robin, and Blondie's newborn daughter was named Catwoman (Yes, you read it right).
Baldie and Blondie's 1st daughter grew up and became a daycare owner! She initially had 2 kids to take care of, but plus Robin and Catwoman, it was clearly too much for one person to do. So, whoever stayed home before they went to work could help out. When Catwoman grew up into a child, she contributed in the daycare by playing with the babies too. Soon, the daycare got more recognized and grew. More babies were brought in.

Catwoman (still a child) is charismatic and friendly. She does not aim to be a big shot actress, businesswoman or politician. She wants to be popular and swimming in a pool of cash. How? She plans on using her good looks to her advantage, as she wants to marry a rich person and just live in the lap of luxury. She dreams of meeting her own Batman one day (Yes, I ship BatCat). Besides that, Catwoman likes to pull pranks around the house by putting whoopie cushions on the couch and pouring water down from her treehouse.

Robin on the other hand, is sent to Smuggsworth Prep School, one of the finest and most prestigious boarding schools in Twinbrook, where rich people send their children to. Most of them then turn out to be famous doctors, businesspeople and politicians. Robin envisions himself as a businessman one day.

And that is all for now. Till next time ;)

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