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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Today, I will be discussing about Christianity.. it's a big part of my life.. so i'll share some info about it =)

And btw, I just found out that Gigi Lai's Christian.. isn't that great? Haha.. to me it is! I remember writing how i want Gigi to be a Christian in my earlier post.. who knew she recently became a Christian in June?! Yeah.. she said, "she is thankful to God for helping her brother through the crisis (her brother was involved in a car accident in June) and for giving them this challenge in life that has allowed her to realise how important life, health and love is. She said that she has grown stronger as a result."
Source of quote:
Isn't that the sweetest thing??!

Well basically everything is from Wikipedia. I just provide the topics and my opinions. Sorry for the blue underlined words.. those are suppose to be links but i'm too lazy to de-blue and de-underline them..

Christians believe Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament, and that the New Testament records the Gospel that was revealed by Jesus. With an estimated 2.1 billion adherents, or approximately 33% of the world's population in 2007,[3] Christianity is the world's largest religion. It is the predominant religion in the Americas, Southern Africa, the Philippines and Oceania. It is also growing rapidly in Africa and Asia, particularly in China, South Korea and the Middle East. It is declining in other countries including Australia, Great Britain, France and Germany.

Okay.. my turn to describe a few things =)

Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day, ressurected on Easter and died on Good Friday...

After sharing his last meal with his disciples, Jesus went to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane where he was betrayed by his disciple Judas Iscariot and arrested by the temple guard on orders from the Sanhedrin and the high priest Caiaphas. Jesus was convicted by the Sanhedrin of blasphemy and transferred to the Roman governor Pilate. Pilate was pressured into crucifying Jesus by the nearly rioting crowds. Although the crowds were incited by the religious authorities, Jesus was sentenced to death for "inciting rebellion." Jesus died by late afternoon and was entombed

God raised Jesus from the dead on the third day, that Jesus appeared to his apostles and other disciples, commissioned his disciples to "make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son (Jesus) and of the Holy Spirit. "and then ascended to heaven. Christians also believe that God the Father sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples.

According to the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born from the Virgin Mary. Little of Jesus' childhood is recorded in the canonical Gospels, however infancy Gospels were popular in antiquity. In comparison, his adulthood, especially the week before his death, are well documented in the Gospels contained within the New Testament. The Biblical accounts of Jesus' ministry include: his baptism, miracles, preaching, teaching, and deeds

Additional info: Jesus's dad is Joseph

The New Testament has four accounts of Jesus' life, commonly known as gospels. While they have much in common there are also differences of coverage and focus. The Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of John, essentially begin with Jesus' baptism by John the Baptist; whereas the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke, essentially begin with Jesus' birth.

English Bible Translations
There are many kinds of bible translations such as KJV (King James Version), NIV (New International Version) and American Standard Version.

Yeah that's kinda it cause i have to go.. haha. if u want more information, just go google wikipedia christianity. yeah.

Worldly issues =)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I decided to change my blog from.. myself... to my opinions on the world! haha. it just popped in my mind. i know it's sooo extremely random. not to mention awkward. this benefits both you and me. I can improve in my writing.. and you can improve in your general knowledge. it's a win-win situation. and these are MY opinions, and no one else's, unless i credit them.

let's start with... POVERTY. yes, poverty.

Definition - Condition of having little money, and very few material possessions. *credits to wikipedia*

So many people in the world are living in poverty. From economical aspects, families are in need of food, clothes, shelter and other necessities. You can see people beg for food/money in the streets.. but what are we doing? Nothing but wasting what they need.

picture captions: woman with dog on street.

what causes poverty?

- weather (if it snows all the time at your place, how are you gonna look for food?)
- not enough jobs (for those without a studying degree/experience, no one would want to employ them)
- government problems (if the country is lacking of democracy, poverty is most likely to happen)
- war (this one doesn't need much explaining to do)

yeah, this are all i can think of.

the effects of poverty
- hunger/starvation and thus death
- social isoliation/suicide
- diseases
picture captions: a little girl suffering from Kwashiorkor (for M'sians, pls refer to PJ text book Form 1.. haha.)
Very brief explanation of poverty. now, what can we do in order to fight against poverty?
- we can volunteer to help in campaigns
- donate things (clothes, money etc)
and many others that i can't think of.
for more information for poverty, pls visit this website
*credits to wikipedia for pictures*

God's love is spreading to the world!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Gosh. i didn't know that Ada Choi or Sherene Tang were christians. seriously. that is really shocking. came across this 'interview' about Ada Choi's love for Christianty (awww...)

Finding New Life through the Love of Religion

After the days without God in her life, this made Ada cherish everything she has even more and she will always be smiling. Since becoming a Christian, she has a happy and thankful heart and understands the meaning of life.

H: Many people know that you are a Christian, have you had any periods where you felt you could not see God?
A: I put God aside in 1995 and at the time, my career was going very well and I even filmed movies with Stephen Chow and Jet Li, but then I had nothing to do and in 9 months, no-one offered me any work. Coupled with the poor relationship I had with my family, I felt very helpless. At the time, I had no friends and was overly self-protecting, so I was very false and would not put my heart into friendships and did know know what point there was to life. In 1996, I returned to the church and began to realise my problems, I found love there and also met a lot of friends. I brought God into my work and I changed entirely.

H: Christians usually feel very humble, have you ever lost out on any opportunities because of your faith? When I first started in the industry, people told me to offer incense and join in the photo to increase press coverage, but I felt I would rather have less publicity. I would joke with them and say: "If I carried a cross, then there would be even more pictures of me."
A: I turned down some films because of God or when I was out spreading the gospel, but I believe that God has His arrangements for me. I remember in 1998, a TV station offered me a job and the pay was very good, but because I had to film a ghost story, I decided to stay at TVB and film for "Secret of the Heart", then I received a female lead award for this series, so I was very thankful.

H = the guy interviewing her (who is an actor as well)
A = Ada Choi

Came across this one too:

Ada Choi is a devoted Christian and given the opportunity to visit Israel and the birthplace of Jesus in TVB's travel show "On the Road", she was very excited and enthusiastic, but when she had her own experience of carrying a cross and the suffering of Christ, it moved her to tears.

Awww.. isn't that great? God also works in many others. i'm very happy for Ada Choi!

and heard that gigi lai's brother met with an accident (drink-driving taxi driving accident). and someone said this, "Without everyone's support and SMS text messages, she would not have been able to hang in there. Co-star, Ada Choi Siu Fun will also be praying for Gigi's brother."

waiting for gigi lai to be a christian now =P. this website said. "Gigi prayed to God that as long as Stephen gets better, she will become a vegeterian for the rest of her life". not sure whether she's referring to God (as in the one we Christians believe). no one knows. can't find info about her religion anywhere! if she's not, hope she does become one. heard that sherene tang invited her to church. cool!! and i heard that's 2 years ago =(. i hear alot of things huh.

there's this group of hk celebs (who are christians) which are called 'house of artists'. why 'house of artists'? but nevermind. there are other christian hk celebs but they didn't join it. YET.

yay! today's a friday! so happy. but later, i have piano class *sob*. that's sad.
gtg now ppl. cya on my next post =)

Cantonese as a 2nd language?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

those in school, should know how i speak cantonese. if you wanna know how creepy it is, you should ask phan mee yee. muahahhaa. anyways, i speak cantonese, like a guai lo or something. seriously...! my tongue is used to english (which is a western language) but i'm forcing it to talk in cantonese! (which is an eastern language). well, i HAVE to speak cantonese to my grandparents, aunties/uncles and PHAN MEE YEE what. my grandparents don't understand english. my aunties/uncles/PHAN MEE YEE are quite well-versed in english, but prefers cantonese.

hehe. just came across this cool funny proverb which is in cantonese. kong tai wa lat tai nga. it means..if you lie, your teeth will fall out. which is a children proverb and obviously, not true =). it's nice and funny mostly cause it rhymes.

gosh. there's this really funny tvb anniversary video. it's so funny. but it's funny if you understand cantonese larh. but if u don't, it's not that as funny.

watch it. haha! it's kinda disgusting like, men dressing up as women. haha. it's based on the tvb hit show war&beauty. when i first watched it, i laughed. alot.

i'm feeling kinda bored with my nintendo DS now. wish i had asked for a handphone. why oh why did i ask for a Nintendo DS! i regreted. but, what can i do? if i want a new phone, i need to get no.1 in my class. that will take time. and seriously, i think it's impossible. not to say it is..just. nevermind. people say, 'nothing is impossible'. but would it be possible for a flying ice-cream truck to fall on you this very second? no. lol. it's just like getting no.1 in 1E. yeah it's possible, but takes alot of time. cuz this is the last exam and you can't get no.1 in 1E anymore after this exam can you? lol.

and today, for p.moral, teacher said that the best way to control your emotions, is to pray. she asked WBC and he said he prays twice a day. then she asked me, and i said "usually.." she didn't give me time to finish completing my sentence. then she said "sze ern tak sembahyang. dia ialah seorang yang cina. pure chinese". and then i was like..shocked. lol. i didn't say that at all. i tried to tell her that, but she didn't look at me at all. what a shocker!

ooo..i had something else to tell you guys, but i forgot. another day =). ciao!

safety on the road

Monday, September 24, 2007

yesterday and the day before yesterday, i saw 3 accidents. one of them involved 6 cars crashing into each other. one of them i have seen with my own eyes while eating dinner with my family, and the other one is..just a plain accident but really brutal.

this shows us that the road is a dangerous path to death. but it is also where cars drive =). so people, remember the safety rules on the street. especially for those who are driving. do not drink-drive or do anything which will cause damage to yourself on the road. be safe.

the more they tease me, the more they love me?!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The more they tease me, the more they love me. is that really true o.O? haha. i believe they didn't mean to hurt me. haha. it IS my fault. tq to cheryl and ivy for preparing the lovely brownies. too bad i couldn't savour it. i had to go for swimming.. =(.

i spent my whole day online. doing nothing. haha. i have a feeling my eyes are shrinking. and i'm really scared my eyesight will go worse. i DON'T want to wear glasses (no offence to those who are wearing spectacles =D)i'm a computer freak! what can i do =)? it's me. tomorrow, we're singing in choir. God please bless us all! O God of Abraham. *sigh*. acapella! and i'm an alto. why am i so nervous? is it because i'll be wearing robes tomorrow? nah. i don't really mind. ah shucks. God will guide us =)

it's 12.25 a.m. 23rd of september now. i'm typing in my blog and my brother is playing the Nintendo DS while watching 'Pinnochio'. i don't think he's even watching it! i got nothing very special to type in my blog today. except for some people printing the mistake i made! and highlighting it. thank you guys. thank you. i learnt from my mistake. so joel, don't rely on me to brighten your day! haha.


Friday, September 21, 2007

hey everyone. today, i'm going to tell you about the word 'passion'. it means alot to me. it can be passion for something, or Passion '07 or The Dance of Passion. a word, an event and a show. all in one.

first, the word. the definition of the word is : intense emotions or enthusiasm. for me, it's more to enthusiasm and interest. i have interest in the computer, books and some other stuff.

second, the event. i don't know anything about it. i just know that chris tomlin, david crowder band and someone else was in there. they're really good christian singers. their voices are PHENOMENAL. i like their songs. indescribable, unfailing love, can you feel it and many more. haha. you should ask matt, tim koko or joel koko more about it. they went to US for it =). lucky. and joel koko is a big fan of david crowder band. i think.

third. the show. okay. the show is awesome. i like it. wah lai toi 9.30 p.m. channel 30 astro. the casts are gigi lai, bowie lam, charmaine sheh, moses chan, ada choi and other people. their acting were really good. experience =). almost the same casts for war & beauty. it's just that i did not see war & beauty. lol. they got nice names too. i mean in the show. ming fung and man hei. nice names huh.

the word 'passion' might has more meaning to you guys out there. so, this is just from MY point of view.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hello my name is Carmen Chan. I am a Christian. i have a bible? And.. i'm looking for a new bible cover. which suits my personality of course, but they're dang expensive. I'll still find the time to buy it =). I attend Cheras Baptist Church. A church i have attended every Sunday for the past 13 years! And i'm proud of it. Most of the songs in my mp3 are chrsitian songs sang by chris tomlin, david crowder band and many more!

hmm...i don't like to pick favourites as friendsI am very passionate about Christianity and errr.... technology? Unfortunately, this blog site don't have smileys. With smileys, you increase your reader's entertainment by 20%! well, if i was the reader, the smileys would make me laugh more when i laugh o.O. OKAY. i'll have to do the manual smileys.

i have a pet dog named Miki. Weird name, yes. But, hello. I like Mickey and Nikki so i jumbled it up together and it became...Miki! haha. well, actually i don't really like Mickey but...nevermind that! i don't like to pick favourites and when i'm captain in my group, I let EVERYONE participate. and when i mean everyone in my group, i mean it. but sometimes when i get too involved, i forget about justice in my group. i eventually invited a girl who no one really wanted in my group and not many people like her. and that means you, Yoong. muahahaha.

I like Hong Kong TVB dramas. well some of it larh. such as Dance of Passion or The Dance of Passion <3. it ="D." color="#996633">bubu, boo, kenyola and hula). i had my embarassing moments. and i can't really tell them to you. right now, i mean. maybe next time when i post "Most Embarassing Moments".

There is more i would like to tell you but i'm afraid i'll make you sleep at the end of my post. is this too long? hehe. it should be. and remember, say NO to smiley-blockage. haha. i didn't mean it. and about the imaginary friends, i don't have any.

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