the more they tease me, the more they love me?!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The more they tease me, the more they love me. is that really true o.O? haha. i believe they didn't mean to hurt me. haha. it IS my fault. tq to cheryl and ivy for preparing the lovely brownies. too bad i couldn't savour it. i had to go for swimming.. =(.

i spent my whole day online. doing nothing. haha. i have a feeling my eyes are shrinking. and i'm really scared my eyesight will go worse. i DON'T want to wear glasses (no offence to those who are wearing spectacles =D)i'm a computer freak! what can i do =)? it's me. tomorrow, we're singing in choir. God please bless us all! O God of Abraham. *sigh*. acapella! and i'm an alto. why am i so nervous? is it because i'll be wearing robes tomorrow? nah. i don't really mind. ah shucks. God will guide us =)

it's 12.25 a.m. 23rd of september now. i'm typing in my blog and my brother is playing the Nintendo DS while watching 'Pinnochio'. i don't think he's even watching it! i got nothing very special to type in my blog today. except for some people printing the mistake i made! and highlighting it. thank you guys. thank you. i learnt from my mistake. so joel, don't rely on me to brighten your day! haha.

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