iPod Touch 5th Gen VS iPad Mini

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My current 4th gen iPod Touch is DYING. Less than 2 hours of use and the battery is depleted to almost 0%. Can't stand it!

So, I thought of getting the new 5th gen iPod Touch... with it's new slick coloured luster, the new loop, and 5MP back camera.


However, even if I love the new design and vibrant back coat, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get it scratched in no time. So if I bought a case for it, what would be the point of the back coat??! No one can see it anyways. I CAN'T SEE IT ANYWAYS. Sigh.

On October 23, I woke up to the news that Apple is releasing their new iPad Mini in November.

And that's when I knew I was going to be in a big dilemma.

I've always wanted something of the size in between an iPod Touch and an iPad. So when they announced the iPad Mini's release, it was too good to be true for me.

Everything about my 4th gen iPod Touch when I first got it was great! Except for the fact that it's front and back cameras are really shitty and trying to read on it was getting annoying because the screen was too small.

Why didn't I get the iPad then, if I didn't like the iPod Touch's smallness? Well the answer and it's explanation is pretty obvious, it's too BIG. I find it inconvenient to carry around. However, watching videos or playing games on it's 1024x768p screen would be really awesome.

So, the birth of the iPad Mini might not be significant for others, but it is for me because God has answered my prayer LOL.

The iPod Touch 5th gen and iPad Mini have relatively almost the same specs, so that makes it harder for me to choose.

One thing though. THE DAMN PRICE.

As we all know, Apple products do not come cheap. They're overpriced. And yet we still buy them lol.

The iPod Touch 32GB is would be at least RM400 cheaper than the iPad Mini 32GB.

Also, just found out Android-operated products can download torrents. How cool is that?? Sometimes, I do think of shifting over to the Android side...

DILEMMA. Any advice/thoughts for me about this?

Beyond our limitations

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We all have our own limitations, which can be found in all types of forms. Speed limits, barriers, fences... But whether it is tangible or not, limitations are what stops and restricts us from doing good, or doing bad. It can go both ways.

More often than not, we build fences around ourselves to set boundaries. And sometimes, that can stagnate our progress, keeps us snug in our comfort zones. But what if we actually step out from that comfort zone, and take a leap of faith? Take a risk? Break our barriers? I don't know about you, but I do get curious about what lies over the proverbial fence. What could happen if I went over it?

And that is what HELP's Astronomer Society is doing. We're going beyond our limits. We're dreaming out loud.

Meet H.E.L.P (don't confuse this with the name of our institute!) = HELP's Elevated Landscape Photography.

Basically, we'll be sending a huge balloon carrying a payload which contains cameras and data loggers up to near space to capture breathtaking pictures of the edge of the earth. Heard of this before, huh? Well guess what, we'll probably be the first (to succeed and fully document) to do this experiment/project (whatever you want to call it) in Malaysia!

But to do that, we clearly need funds to get the equipments. Cameras, data loggers, GPS, helium gas, weather balloons... you and I both know these things don't come cheap.
If you could spare a measly RM5 to help us in our endeavour, it would mean a lot to us young astronomer enthusiasts. If you could spare more, that'd be even better!

This is a potential image of what we might get:

Not convinced? Fine.

Just by investing RM5 in us, you get:

  • A 'postcard from space' (a photo of our result)
  • A time lapse of the whole thing
  • Invitation to the Helium Party
What is a helium party, you ask? The extra helium we get from inflating our balloon will be going back to all our investors! If you invest RM5, you get one breath of helium and the cool thing is your voice gets all chipmunk-y :D. If you invest RM10, you get 2 breaths of helium! You catch the drift...

Now WHO would pass up an opportunity like that? :P

It's a big dream. It's a costly dream. But with your help, we'll be able to fulfill it.

If interested, contact me! I'll hook you up ;)

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