Piano practical exam: Grade 6

Friday, July 31, 2009

Got to piano teacher's house @ 10.30AM. Practiced for a while..
I met new friend :D But I did not get her name o.O

After practicing, I played with magnets and metal stapler bullets...

It was fun.

Then I went to Hotel Istana for my piano exam. Nice place.

After that, I took some pictures of the exam place.

And then I went to the waiting room... to wait.

I was so thankful I had a iPod touch. I practiced my scales on it!

Then the Malay dude called me, "Chan Sze Ern!"

It was my turn. *sigh*

I sat down, waiting for my turn.. it was awkward, waiting for some Caucasian stranger to judge your piano skills. And if you're unlucky, you'll get a scary one. (No offense to Caucasians or examiners!)

And finally, my new friend finished her exam. She came out and ran to my teacher telling her how sweaty her palms were, how she had to repeat the scales and how uneasy and uncomfortable the piano was.
The piano was uncomfortable to play on?!

The examiner opened the door, if I'm not mistaken his name was Iain Denley (I forgot).
"Hello there."
"Good afternoon!"
"Good afternoon, how are you today?"
"I'm fine."
"Good, make yourself comfortable and adjust the seat as you like."

Adjusted seat. Sat down..

"Would you like to start with your scales or your pieces?"

Started with scales.. overall, made 2-3 mistakes. NOT GOOD.

"Okay, now we will move on with your exam pieces. You may start whenever you're ready."

Start first piece, screwed up at ending.
Then second piece, not bad.
Then third piece, not bad too.

Sight-reading, 2nd worst part of exam. I played so many wrong notes!

Aural.. worst part of the exam.

Singing the melody.. OK.

Sight-singing, bad. It had 2 # (sharps)! I have never sang any piece with #s before.
"Would you like to repeat it, to get the rhythm/melody right?"
Sang worse~ ARGHHH.

Identifying the cadence and whether it's major or minor. LOL! I was a bit nervous and scared, I forgot I was not suppose to look at the examiner, cause it's aural test.
"Do you mind looking away from the piano?"
*blush* "Sorry!" So paiseh man.
But anyway, I think I got it right.

On the identifying the style & period of the piece,
*examiner plays piece*
"Please comment about the dynamics of the piece."
"Well, in the beginning it was quite soft, and then it gradually became faster, I mean louder, and then it was soft again, and then it became louder again."
"O.O Swt"
I have nothing else to comment on that, cause I don't even know whether I answered correctly.

I am mentally and emotionally traumatized by the exam.
The examiner, is naturally strict, but he's trying hard to be friendly and nice, which is making himself uneasy, but making ME uneasy as well for making HIM uneasy! And everytime something was wrong, he would make this kinda obvious sigh and look, which is making me more nervous! Sigh.

And to ease the pain and sorrow, I indulged myself in some chocolate cake in the lobby.

Sometimes the way is lonely
And steep and filled with pain
So if your sky is dark and pours the rain, then
Cry to Jesus
Cry to Jesus
Cry to Jesus and live!
- Chris Rice's (Untitled Hymn) Come to Jesus.

P/S: I hope it's not illegal to post pictures of the inside of the examination place. Do tell me if it is, I'll have to take it down right away!


Funny videos! [Part 1]

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tribute to all chicken-wing lovers!

Twitter WILL kill you!

Did you ever wonder what exactly was being said at the beginning of The Lion King's Circle of Life song? The answer is in this clip!
(Well of course not, it's just a parody, but it's a funny one!)

Simon Cowell in a blender!

To be continued...

Trojan horse Small.BOG virus

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lol, it scared the crap out of me! I have more than fifty of them now! All in the iTunes local C drive folder.

Seems like every Itunes and AVG user are experiencing the same thing.

But they say it's false.
And if you have the same problem, here's the solution:
The Inquisitr

I made this 'visual idea' of Chong's new book cover.

It's obviously not used for the real book. It's just an idea, my PS skills are still pretty bad compared to the pros out there.

PMR trials are around the corner! Piano exam is also around the corner! Taekwando exam too. I'm going mad!!!

If grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.
- David Crowder Band's How He Loves.

Choral Worship Festival Concert.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today we had a small rehearsal @ FBC. I actually thought that I was pretty unprepared for the event. I am still not too sure about the starting notes of some songs etc.. But when I heard the choir today, we sounded quite prepared (to me)! Thank God for all the other altos who sang really loud :)!

Do you wanna come and us sing? You don't see Carmen Chan sing everyday you know.

But most importantly, you get to hear beautiful gospel music by the WHOLE choir! And the soloists too of course. There'll be a wonderful sermon too.

For more info:

So be there, or be square 8)

Oh, I'll reply tags another time. Sorry.

SMKSM Hari Keusahawanan '09

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hari Keusahawanan pictures as promised!
I have never felt so sticky in my entire life.


It was so great to see some of the people who I have not seen for a long time:

For pictures of 3D's 'DUNK THE PUNK' and 3E's 'HAUNTED HOUSE', visit 3DEC's blog
All the pictures are @ Facebook. If you can't see it (non-member), inform me. I'll try uploading it somewhere else.

Yet another iPhone..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

*gasp* It's beautiful.

Yes my friends, that is the iPhone 3GS. It's the latest, 'best' iPhone so far.

The new stuff in the iPhone 3GS:

#1 Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe
If you misplace your iPhone, Apple’s MobileMe service can help you find it. Log on to me.com to view a map that shows the approximate location of your iPhone. If it’s nearby, have it play an alert sound to help you find it, or display a message on the home screen to help someone return it to you. If displaying a message hasn’t resulted in its safe return, you can initiate a remote wipe and restore your iPhone to factory settings.

#2 Internet Tethering
Surf the web from practically anywhere. Now you can share the 3G connection on your iPhone with your Mac notebook or PC laptop.

The Fastest iPhone Ever
The first thing you’ll notice about iPhone 3GS is how quickly you can launch applications. Web pages render in a fraction of the time, and you can view email attachments faster. Improved performance and updated 3D graphics deliver an incredible gaming experience, too. In fact, everything you do on iPhone 3GS is up to 2x faster and more responsive than iPhone 3G.

#3 Video
Now you can shoot video, edit it, and share it — all on your iPhone 3GS. Shoot high-quality VGA video in portrait or landscape. Trim your footage by adjusting start and end points. Then share your video in an email, post it to your MobileMe gallery, publish it on YouTube, or sync it back to your Mac or PC using iTunes.

#4 Compass
With a built-in digital compass, iPhone 3GS can point the way. Use the new Compass app, or watch as it automatically reorients maps to match the direction you’re facing.

#5 Cut, Copy & Paste
Cut, copy, and paste words and photos, even between applications. Copy and paste images and content from the web, too.

#6 Search
Find what you’re looking for across your iPhone, all from one convenient place. Spotlight searches all your contacts, email, calendars, and notes, as well as everything in your iPod.

#7 3-Megapixel Camera
The new 3-megapixel camera takes great still photos, too, thanks to built-in autofocus and a handy new feature that lets you tap the display to focus on anything (or anyone) you want.

#8 Voice Memos
Capture and share a thought, a memo, a meeting, or any audio recording on the go with the new Voice Memos application.

#9 Accessibility
iPhone 3GS offers accessibility features to assist users who are visually or hearing impaired. These features include the VoiceOver screen reader, a Zoom feature, White on Black display options, Mono Audio, and more.

Source: Apple

I'm not surprised if they release another generation of iPhones soon.

Other than that, the new Yari by Sony Ericsson is pretty cool too.

A few things I hate about my iPod touch is.. it can't do the things above. Lol, AND if I want to charge it, I have to plug it into a computer/laptop. So inconvenient, I can't bring it for trips. But I should thank God I have one.

Intervensi 3 was emm.. nothing much to say about it. There were some hard papers, but there were also some easy ones.

Hehe.. I abuse my iPod.


Lol my dad showed me this poll.. and I shall show you people too.
Vote whether you want Maths and Science in BM or not:
Dr. Mahathir's blog

Today, 2C and 3C were competing for the 'Jualan Kupon Tertinggi' competition in school. Vanisha's (from 3C) dad and Lim Chia Ling's (2C) dad kept adding money. Everytime LCL add, Vanisha also have to add. The whole class was like pinching their pockets. I gave up my only RM5, not much, but a little goes a long way! LOL so V has paid RM700+ for the class (: That's very nice of her.
We were all so 'kan cheong' because we were 1st place, but 2C had 20 minutes to add the money so that THEY can be 1st place. We were impatiently waiting for time to pass by. But they didn't pay extra o.O So we won! We kumpul around RM1000+ WOAHH! But that was a waste of money imo.

No time to play play loh..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To all students..

學生哥 好溫功課 咪淨係掛住踢波
最弊肥佬左無陰功咯 同學亦愛莫能助
Student Brother, better do your homework, don't always think of playing football
If you fail, kesian loh, your friends want to help also cannot.

學生哥 好咪書咯 咪日夜掛住拍拖
顧住十幾科 科科喎 面懵懵一肚火
Student brother, better study, don't day and night also dating,
Have to handle 10 subjects, flustered and confused.

螞蟻亦要搵野食 唔做事確係無益
少壯就要多努力 來日望自食其力
Ants also have to find their own food, doing nothing is bad
Work hard when you're young, next time, you'll be independent

學生哥 要思己過 唔係第日悔恨更多
人之初 應知錯 唔自立就會捱餓
Student brother, think about this, if not you'll regret next time
Recognize what is wrong when you're young, if not you'll go hungry

學生哥 一個個 我地日日記住隻歌
人多多 RE ME RE DOH 齊合力唱伴同和
Student brother, let's all remember this song everyday
Everyone, re me re doh, let's sing together!

- Sam Hui's 學生哥

Lol should change to 學生妹 for me.

OK I shall go study Maths now!
Sejarah today was :X

Monday, July 6, 2009

There is no failure except in no longer trying.

Congrats on Roger Federer's win in the Wimbledon final!

I never learn. I should be studying for Sejarah..

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