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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To all students..

學生哥 好溫功課 咪淨係掛住踢波
最弊肥佬左無陰功咯 同學亦愛莫能助
Student Brother, better do your homework, don't always think of playing football
If you fail, kesian loh, your friends want to help also cannot.

學生哥 好咪書咯 咪日夜掛住拍拖
顧住十幾科 科科喎 面懵懵一肚火
Student brother, better study, don't day and night also dating,
Have to handle 10 subjects, flustered and confused.

螞蟻亦要搵野食 唔做事確係無益
少壯就要多努力 來日望自食其力
Ants also have to find their own food, doing nothing is bad
Work hard when you're young, next time, you'll be independent

學生哥 要思己過 唔係第日悔恨更多
人之初 應知錯 唔自立就會捱餓
Student brother, think about this, if not you'll regret next time
Recognize what is wrong when you're young, if not you'll go hungry

學生哥 一個個 我地日日記住隻歌
人多多 RE ME RE DOH 齊合力唱伴同和
Student brother, let's all remember this song everyday
Everyone, re me re doh, let's sing together!

- Sam Hui's 學生哥

Lol should change to 學生妹 for me.

OK I shall go study Maths now!
Sejarah today was :X

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