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Friday, October 11, 2013

Everyone who knows me know I love food. I am a total foodie. I live to eat.

I also just finished my A-level, and I have 2-3 months of break before I start my new life (but at the same place -.-) in university.

So I thought maybe I could try my hand at cooking. I am surrounded by the best chefs. My 2 grandmothers, my mother, my aunties... their food taste like food of the gods. Even my dad can cook a mean fried rice. My brother loves to cook as much as he loves to eat. And surprisingly what comes out tastes pretty good most of the time. (Don't tell him I said that)

That's where I fall short. Making my own *good* food. I don't know, maybe I didn't get that 'good-at-cooking' gene. I used to think I can't cook to save my life and I'd probably burn the house down as soon as I turn up the fire on the stove. BUT I took a risk and tried learning a few recipes. I realize I'm capable of making my own edible food! However, the quality of the food made is very questionable. 

I'm going to give you a glimpse into my cooking/baking experiences! If you want to learn how to make them from what I'm showing you, you are at the wrong place. But if you're here to learn from the mistakes I've made or laugh at my shortcomings and misfortunes, read ahead!

So, the latest thing I made is chocolate chip cookies. I literally made it an hour ago and the pictures below were taken a few hours ago. The first and second batch did not turn out as what I hoped it would be due to the dough being way too soft. However, I followed the recipe and it's measurements to a tee. At least I think I did. The measurements are confusing, I don't know if they're in metric system or US system, they won't tell me. And everyone on the internet seems to have different cup measurements ugh. BUT I did it, improvised and voila, came out with solid individual cookies which didn't taste bad at all.

Baking cookies can be so troublesome, dirty and expensive tbh
So this was the 1st batch, which was too soft! :/
Looks like bread instead.
1st batch of... idk what this is.
So I added more flour. 2nd batch of 'cookies'... still odd-looking, but it's getting there!
Then I added even more flour! And yay! 3rd time's the freaking charm. (Lol one's half-eaten)

Also I made cupcakes! These are butterbeer cupcakes. Tried is the big key word here. First few batches turned out undercooked. But the next few were okay. And, what better frosting to top off your cupcake with other than cream cheese frosting? Tried making my own. But it got too granular because of the type of sugar I used. Don't be stupid like me and not follow instructions. DON'T USE GRANULATED SUGAR. USE CASTOR SUGAR. Otherwise, your cream cheese will be meant to be doomed from the start. I tried to melt the sugar in the frosting by heating it up, it turned too water-y and I made it worse lol. Then I put it in the refrigerator, but the consistency didn't change. So to those who want to make actual cream cheese frosting, use castor sugar. I beg you.

Butterbeer cupcakes with the perfect cream cheese (which I got from my godmother, I did not make it!)
Tried making my OWN cream cheese frosting. IT FAILED TERRIBLY.

This is baked egg with stuff in it. It was over-cooked, but it tasted good! I added spinach instead of brussel sprouts. I steamed it instead of baking it.

Garnished it with bacon. Because everything tastes better with bacon.

TADA! PIZZA! This one was the most troublesome. You have to leave it in the fridge for the dough to rise. Also, many things went wrong. 5 things that went terribly wrong with this pizza:
  • The salmon I used was expired. The last time I ate that salmon (which was few days before), I got diarrhea. But YOLO I used it for this again. Luckily, didn't get diarrhea for the 2nd time.
  • The potatoes were undercooked! So I put them back in the oven so it can be cooked, but then the onions started to burn...
  • The caramelized onions, was not caramelized enough. I thought the onions would continue to cook in the oven! But it didn't do much in the oven.
  • The pizza bread was way too thick, therefore it became rock hard. It was pretty hard to make it thin!
  • The bottom crust was burnt. I just couldn't remove the pizza from the baking paper. It STUCK to it like elephant glue.

I had extra potato slices, so I made roasted potatoes!

There were other stuff I made. But I didn't take pictures of it because I was busy trying to not burn things and set my house on fire you know. Hope everyone learned a few things from my cooking failures.

Next thing I'm going to make is, smoothies. Healthy smoothies of course, to compensate for all the fatty sugar-y stuff I'm making. Just bought almond and soy milk yesterday, so I'm gonna make myself some mean smoothies.

Update on life:
Currently feeling like crap. As usual. Something just happened a few minutes ago which made me feel even crappier. All I can say about it (or sing, in this case) is: "Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend...."

But I've stumbled upon a wonderful thing too: Rick Warren's Daily Hope blog. I love the messages on it everyday. They also have an audio version of it. I admit, I'm pretty inconsistent with my daily devotions because I didn't follow a fixed devotional plan. But most of the topics discussed at the blog, really relates to me and my situation. It motivates me! I look forward to seeing it in my inbox everyday. So it's great to finally find one which I can permanently use.

Okay enough melancholy and sadness. Good night everyone.

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