Differences Between the Book and Movie - Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Saturday, February 27, 2010

+ Added opinion on movie at the bottom of the post
+ Added 4 more differences: Las Vegas, the Flying shoes, Kronos, Ending & Mist

I like reading, and watching TV/movies. I should make use of my interest :) So I think I'm gonna do a lot of comparing of the books that turned into movies.

I just finished reading the book yesterday.

Greek mythology sounds more interesting than what's in our History textbooks...

In my opinion, for those who watched the movie before reading the book probably thinks both are equally good.
And for those who read the book before watching the movie would think the book is better.

I watched the movie before reading the book, and I find both good. No favouritism.
I understand why the book and the movie had so many differences. The book had so much going on, they couldn't fit everything in the movie. Well, that's one of the reasons why books and movies differ (e.g. P.S I Love You, Twilight sequels & The Curious Case of Benjamin Button).

I'm also doing this because I don't feel like doing homework (although I have piles and piles of them, I am so dead) and currently have nothing to do.

Differences Between the Book and the Movie

Not arranged in any order.

Book - Percy and Annabeth are suppose to be 12
Movie - Percy and Annabeth look above 15 years of age

Book - Blonde with gray eyes
Movie - Brunette with blue-ish eyes

Annabeth & Luke
Book - Annabeth has a crush on Luke
Movie - Annabeth does not have a crush on Luke

Annabeth's Father
Book - Her father married another woman and forgot about Athena. etc...
Movie - Wasn't mentioned much

Clarisse (Daughter of Ares)
Book - Percy's enemy
Movie - Her character did not appear in the movie.

Grover's Horns
Book - Already has his horns from the beginning (I think)
Movie - Had his horns at the end of the movie

The Helm of Darkness
Book - It was stolen along with the Lightning Bolt
Movie - Wasn't mentioned

The Ones who Contributed to The Stealing of The Lightning Bolt
Book - Kronos, Ares & Luke
Movie - Only Luke

Percy's Cabin
Book - It was empty
Movie - It was fully furnished by Poseidon

The Sign when Poseidon Claims Percy as His Son
Book - A trident appeared above his head
Movie - No mention of the sign. Poseidon automatically claims Percy as his son.

The Three Pearls
Book - Given by Water Spirit in the middle of the book (or almost end)
Movie - They had to go to the 3 places to find each pearl. I don't think the Water Spirit was mentioned.

The Part where Percy Heals Himself from Tojuching the Water
Book - He was fighting with Clarisse during 'Capture the Flag'.
Movie - He was fighting with Annabeth

The Beads
Book - They get a bead every year they stayed at the camp
Movie - n/m

Aunty Em's Garden Gnome Emporium
Book - Aunty Em (Medussa) appeared wearing long black gown with veiled head. She treats them with food. Then, she wanted to take a picture of them and that was when she started to want to turn them into stone.
Movie - A frantic woman was telling Annabeth her husband was missing bla bla bla... then Medussa appears and tries to turn them into stone.
Percy also uses an iPhone/iPod touch to see her reflection which he did not do in the book. In the book, he used a green ball to see her reflection.

Golden Drachmas
Book - They found them at the various places they visited
Movie - They only found them in a fountain at Aunty Em's Garden Gnome Emporium

The Various Places they Visited in Their Quest
Book - Gnome Emporium, the Arch, the amusement park, the mattress place, Las Vegas etc..
Movie - Three places: Gnome Emporium, Museum and Las Vegas

Book - She wasn't mentioned much.
Movie - She played a big role. She helped them return to earth (i think there's another word to replace earth, but I just don't know what).

Book - Wasn't striked with the lightning bolt. Probably did not look/dress like how he did in the movie.
Movie - Striked with the lightning bolt by Persephone. According to Grover, looked like Mick Jagger.

Book - Annabeth handled Cerebrus with a red ball
Movie - Persephone summoned them away

Mr. D/Dionysus; the Oracle
Book - Mentioned quite a lot
Movie - Not mentioned

The Yankee Hat
Book - Given by Athena to Annabeth as her 12th birthday present. Can turn the wearer invisible.
Movie - n/m

Poseidon Guiding Percy
Book - Poseidon wasn't guiding Percy throughout his quest
Movie - Poseidon was guiding Percy

The Shield Luke gave Percy
Book - n/m
Movie - That's where the lightning bolt was all long o.O

The part where Medusa's chopped-off head was seen by someone
Book - n/m
Movie - Mentioned

Gladiola the Poodle
Book - Mentioned
Movie - Not mentioned

Book - Mentioned
Movie - n/m

Ares and His Shield
Book - The kids were suppose to find it back in some amusement park through the Tunnel of Love
Movie - n/m


Book - Mentions that he likes to embarass Ares and Aphrodite
Movie - n/m

Poseidon's Attire & Throne
Book - T-shirt with Bermuda shorts (basically does NOT look like a god) etc. His throne is a fisherman's chair or something like that.
Movie - Gold plated armor (i think) with a throne like his brother's. Basically, he looks like how a god is suppose to look like.

Cabin 11
Book - Percy had to live in Cabin 11 before he was transferred to one of the Big Threes' cabins
Movie - He got his own cabin straight away

Regular or Undetermined
Book - Regular means they know who your god parent is; Undetermined means they don't (I think). Percy was an Undetermined at first, then became a Regular.
Movie - Percy was automatically a Regular once he joined the camp.

The gods and goddesses at the 'meeting room' @ Mount Olympus
Book - There was only Zeus and Poseidon in the room.
Movie - Several gods and goddesses were there. Athena, Hermes etc...

The Furies in the bus; Echidna and Her 'chihuahua'; Procrustes
Book - Tried to kill/threaten Percy
Movie - n/m

Poseidon's talk with Percy in the End
Book - Different lines. Percy did not walk away from his father (like in the movie).
Movie - ↑

Entrance to the Underworld
Book - It was in a building and they had to deal with Charon before they could enter
Movie - It was in sort of like a cave and had to deal with some old man (which maybe Charon? I don't know).

The Parcel that Awaits Him in the End
Book - Mentioned
Movie - n/m

Las Vegas
Book - They were given green credit cards
Movie - They were given edible lotus flowers

The Flying Shoes
Book - Used by Grover
Movie - Used by Percy

Book - Mentioned a lot
Movie - n/m

Book - Luke tried to kill Percy with a scorpion and ran away. Percy went back home.
Movie - Percy and Annabeth were about to kiss (they did not). Then Annabeth tells Percy not to be distracted by the enemy.

Book - Mentioned
Movie - n/m

I bet there are some more, but this is where I'll stop.

Things I find funny (not hilarious funny, weird funny)

If Percy was suppose to be Poseidon's son, shouldn't he be able to breathe in water for as long as he wants? In the movie, he was only able to hold his breath in the water for 7-8 minutes (if I'm not mistaken).
Well, maybe because of his mix blood (god-mortal) he can't hold his breath that long in water.

And there was this part where Percy, Annabeth and Grover were in Las Vegas. Grover was not wearing his fake human legs. You could see him dancing with his goat legs and hooves and no one cared. Won't people notice that he has goat legs??
Maybe people were too obsessed with the entertainment there, they were too busy to notice his hooves.

My opinion on the movie

I realized, I CANNOT make reviews! Because I like almost every single movie I watch.. except the movies where they have real animals talking (like Beverly Hills Chihuahua and the Shaggy Dog). AVATAR is another movie in my 'like least' list. I don't know why, it's not my cup of tea I guess.

PERCY JACKSON.... hmmm...

I like the plot and storyline. Someone accusing a demi-god of stealing a lightning bolt and he has to return on summer solstice et cetera.. and all these Greek mythology is quite interesting to know.

Poseidon actually loves his son and 'girlfriend' (not really his wife, they didn't get married), but he's not allowed to have any direct contact with them, which is sad!

The casting is perfect! Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Kevin McKidd, Sean Bean etc... I cannot think of any other celebrity to portray the characters in the movie. Except for Pierce Brosnan.. so used to seeing him as a macho human!

It's so cute that mortal children can hear their god parent's voice and advice too... guiding them and sometimes warning them of which is right and wrong.
Just like the real God up there. As in, not the Greek gods (small g!), the REAL God (capital G).

I love the adventure too! The whole movie was an adventure! The Medusa part was cool too. LOL, "I used to date your daddy!"

Seeing the Octavius guy from Night in the Museum as Hades... is really funny :P I don't think anyone expected Hades to look like that XD!

Digital SLRs

I'm planning to buy one! But I don't know which one to buy o.O

Oh yes, I have done my research.

The Contenders!

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They're all so good :D!

An Apple a day, keeps consumers away; Sri Lanka

Friday, February 26, 2010

Seriously, if Apple keeps coming out with new and better versions of the products consumers have already bought, those who want to buy Apple products might as well not buy one... because they're gonna come out with a better version right after you buy it.
I know, Apple wants to earn more and therefore keeps coming out with new gen products. Such as the latest iPod Nano 5th gen and iPod Touch 3rd gen.

IPOD NANO 5th GEN - Has built-in video camera at the back which means it also has built in mic.
IPOD TOUCH 3rd GEN - Earphones have built-in remote and mic, speed of performance increases, built-in speaker, different engraving (which I don't care), can change layout colour et cetera..

Sigh, if only they could upgrade 2nd gen iPod Touches to 3rd gen. Just bring it to an official Apple store and poof, they'll insert all the new stuff. TOO BAD IT'S NOT REAL.

My iPod Touch is only a year old! It's still an infant.. :( It's new! May not physically look new with the front and back scratched, but in my heart, it is new :)

Haha, some people I know JUST BOUGHT their 2nd gen iPod Touches. Wait till I tell them there's a 3rd gen :P BWAHAHAHAH!

ARGH no no no no, I should be grateful I even HAVE one, right? Oh no I'm becoming like Golem D:


Ohya, Sri Lanka trip was OK :) I didn't puke this time! Not even once! I'm so proud of myself :P And those motion sickness pills work really effectively. One plop of the pill in my mouth and the next thing I know, I find myself asleep.

No one agrees with me that Air Asia's flight food taste good. The nasi lemak and chicken rice was delicious! Or was I just really hungry o.O

I was at the Indian Ocean, the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions (quoted by Wikipedia)!
I climbed Sigiriya rock too. Not for the faint-hearted and those who fear heights :P
I tried on my first saree! It was a red one (picked by Ruth!).
etc :)

CNY @ Sri Lanka

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yeah, I'm going to Sri Lanka tonight.. the first few hours of nin chor yat. While everyone is sleeping and anticipating their angpows, I will be in the airport boarding the plane, leaving Malaysian CNY behind.

Around almost the same time last year, I went Bali! I thought Bali was going to be a complete letdown, but it was a pretty fun trip.

This year, Sri Lanka! Famous for the tea and beaches (or so I heard).
There also has been some ongoing political violence in the country. I read that tourists are advised not to go to Sri Lanka. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, we're very brave adventurous people! And if I die there, I would like to give my dog to my aunties, my computers/laptop to the poor and my books to the needy (:

Sri Lanka is probably going to be as hot as Malaysia, which is not really good because it's very hot here! We're around 95 degrees fahrenheit here.. which is 35 degrees celsius. OK this is not that hot because it's still morning, but wait till the afternoon arrives!!!!

I like traveling, seeing new cultures, learning new languages and customs.. pretty cool :D

So I will be starting a life project, called PROJECT ALL AROUND THE WORLD.
I'd like to go all around the world, from US to China.. Denmark to Africa.. etc..
Yeah I created a page (new Blogger feature!) for it. Don't know when my blog will close down, but the project will be ongoing till my last breath.

Pray that we will all be safe and unharmed @ Sri Lanka.
Pray that we don't get into any political trouble (although we're not from Sri Lanka).
Pray that we will have a great time!


Percy Jackson & Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Just watched Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief!

A lot of similarities with Harry Potter sequels!

Percy Jackson - Harry Potter

Annabeth - Hermione

Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) REALLY reminds me of Selena Gomez.

Well they don't look very alike here, but in the movie, Annabeth looks like Selena Gomez's twin.

Grover - Ron

Mr. Brunner - Hagrid

Haha, both with beard!

Kevin McKidd from Grey's Anatomy and Melina Kanakaredes from CSI's in it too! They also chose Steve Coogan as Hades. HAHAHA tiny Octavius from Night in the Museum, remember?
& Uma Thurman as Medusa! Honestly, what a surprise!

Well, Percy Jackson is like a Modern American version of Olden days British Harry Potter (:

It's so cool to be a demi-god XD!

Hehe, daughter of Poseidon xD!

Funny pictures!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

*click on pictures for bigger view*


Harry Potter - Obama - Sonic the Hedgehog!

"No Snow in This Area"


"Handicap Drop Off"

The screencaps are from Inglorious Basterds
"So I hear you're fond of literature"
"I love twilight"

#2 NO!! THIS IS SPARTAAAAA!!!! (300)
#3 NO!! THIS IS PATRICK!!! (Spongebob Squarepants)


An elephant larger than the moon xD?

Don't buy from Ebay :P

I wanna be in Eden.

Friday, February 5, 2010

When the first light brighten the dark
Before the breaking of the human heart
There was You and there was me
Innocence was all I knew
'Cause all I had to know was You
We were running underneath the trees

I wanna see you face to face
Would be in your arms is the permanent state
I want it like it was back then
I wanna be in Eden

I remember how'd You call my name
And I would meet You at the garden gate
How the glory of Your love would shine
And I remember when the stars were young
you breath into my lungs
Oh I never felt so alive

This song is called EDEN by Phil Wickham =) Full lyrics here.

GAHHHHH i think Physics and Add Mathematics deserves its own rant post.

I really didn't know PHYSICS was all about calculations and measurements! Yes, I'm THAT naive. I thought it was just understanding, and not having to calculate like Biology. And writing the report D: omigosh, the variables and hypothesis stuff is okay. But having to draw a graph and calculate the gradient and all those stuff, *sigh* not my cup of tea, in fact, I don't like drawing especially drawing graphs, tables and pie charts. Guess I'll have to learn to love it cause I'm gonna be stuck with it for 2 whole years. HAHAHA no offence to Esther Siam :D I hope I'm gonna like it someday!

ADD MATHS. Hell in disguise and the mother of all confusion.. but the subject is intriguing, and weirdly I have a love-hate feeling for it. Tried to like it, but it makes no difference when it comes to answering the questions, at least I don't feel it. You just hate it all over again and feel like crying when you're not able to do it XD
Why I like AddMaths:
- After you have finished a question (all by yourself), you feel that sort of satisfaction that sometimes you don't get in Modern Maths.
- Hehe substituting numbers into the functions is pretty fun.
Why I dislike Add Maths:
- It can get complicated at times, especially when it comes to solving crazy-looking equations with fractions. It's a whole new level, I tell you.
- So much working have to be done! Lol one Add Maths question (if you don't cram all the fractions in one line), probably takes up half a page and this is only chapter 1 and 2!!

Well I have more reasons why I like and dislike Add Maths, but honestly I don't remember

I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night almost everyone is thinking the same as me about Physics and Add Maths, hopefully.
Well I think the few who like Add Maths are Seet, Saw and WBC. They are Maths pros :D
Sorry la, my Maths is very crappy, I'm just not meant for it!

I love Steve Carrell! His acting can be anything he wants it to be. Comedic, serious, melancholic...! A few of his movies that I enjoyed watching him in was Get Smart, Evan Almighty, Bruce Almighty and Little Miss Sunshine.

Movies I want to watch:

Dear John

The Lovely Bones

Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
No trailer available atm

Despicable Me

Valentine's Day


Toy Story 3


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