An Apple a day, keeps consumers away; Sri Lanka

Friday, February 26, 2010

Seriously, if Apple keeps coming out with new and better versions of the products consumers have already bought, those who want to buy Apple products might as well not buy one... because they're gonna come out with a better version right after you buy it.
I know, Apple wants to earn more and therefore keeps coming out with new gen products. Such as the latest iPod Nano 5th gen and iPod Touch 3rd gen.

IPOD NANO 5th GEN - Has built-in video camera at the back which means it also has built in mic.
IPOD TOUCH 3rd GEN - Earphones have built-in remote and mic, speed of performance increases, built-in speaker, different engraving (which I don't care), can change layout colour et cetera..

Sigh, if only they could upgrade 2nd gen iPod Touches to 3rd gen. Just bring it to an official Apple store and poof, they'll insert all the new stuff. TOO BAD IT'S NOT REAL.

My iPod Touch is only a year old! It's still an infant.. :( It's new! May not physically look new with the front and back scratched, but in my heart, it is new :)

Haha, some people I know JUST BOUGHT their 2nd gen iPod Touches. Wait till I tell them there's a 3rd gen :P BWAHAHAHAH!

ARGH no no no no, I should be grateful I even HAVE one, right? Oh no I'm becoming like Golem D:


Ohya, Sri Lanka trip was OK :) I didn't puke this time! Not even once! I'm so proud of myself :P And those motion sickness pills work really effectively. One plop of the pill in my mouth and the next thing I know, I find myself asleep.

No one agrees with me that Air Asia's flight food taste good. The nasi lemak and chicken rice was delicious! Or was I just really hungry o.O

I was at the Indian Ocean, the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions (quoted by Wikipedia)!
I climbed Sigiriya rock too. Not for the faint-hearted and those who fear heights :P
I tried on my first saree! It was a red one (picked by Ruth!).
etc :)

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