How contradicting.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Left one playing, right one studying and doing folio, iPod playing music. Sigh. Teruknya, Carmen, teruknya. PMR AH!
What was once my study table, became an entertainment table instead.
Did I tell you how much I love the hols?

Shall reply tags another time.
I am so stressed and tired. Yes, I'm talking to you Sejarah, Geografi, BM, Sivik, KH, English and Maths!!!!

The Sims 3!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I am sooo excited!!!! I have been an avid fan of The Sims since I was.. 9 or something? I remember intalling The Sims into my computer and playing it for the first time!! It was unforgettable :]

But the point is, EA Games is coming out with Sims 3!! It just can't get any better than that :D I heard it's coming out in June, but I also heard that it has come out in stores (Feb '09). When is it coming out in M'sia, cause I will CERTAINLY buy it. I think Sims 3's gonna be very very addictive, I know that cause the previews were already so awesome.
Sims 2 is already awesome, but just with a few flaws and it's getting boring. I don't think Sims 3 will have any flaws at all (I hope not)!! No game is perfect though, I guess we'll only find out once we play it!

Behind the scenes. One of my ambitions is to become one of the creators of Sims. Yes, I'm such a big fan, I'm working my way towards Sims 10!

Official Trailer.

Isn't it awesome? Now, you can actually set your Sim's favourites! Also, you can select character traits for your Sim which they never had in Sims 1 or 2. You want your Sim to be materialistic? Sure. A vegetarian? Okie-dokie. Couch potato? You bet! All of them at once? NO PROBLEM! However, you can only choose 5 traits.
Oh. my. goodness. You can join a protest and ride bikes! They have so many places you can visit including your neighbours!!! And finally, they have work places and proper jobs too.

McCain and Palin.. in Sims 3.. and you see Obama jogging and falling from a treadmill.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
And the house decors are absolutely amazing.
Photo courtesy of Frances and Estatica from the Creators Camp.

The Sims 3 soundtracks:
EA Trax
Sounds a bit similar to the Sims 2 one, but still great!

So, support Sims 3! And if you're fretting about what to get me for my birthday.. fret no more. Just get me an original Sims 3 (if I haven't got it yet :P) and I will be extremely thankful for the rest of my life.

rofl, I took a psychological neurotic test, and it said I was definitely neurotic. Haha!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sorry guys, my IP address has been posting my msgs from different blogs that I followed. Must be code problem from layout (again!). I have to fix it ASAP.
Special sorry to Phoebe, Blossom, Sophia, Janice, Isabelle, Dylan and Joyce.. have been posting your blog links everywhere around the net xD Obviously, not intentional.

Tagged by Shu Lyn; Holidays over.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Shu Lyn's tag
List 10 things that you like about holidays, and another 10 things that you dislike about holidays. After you are done, tag 12 people.

10 things i like about holidays:
1. Don't need to wake up early (THIS IS NUMBER 1 REASON)
2. No homework!
3. Don't need to get in that stuffy van that makes me dizzy everyday.
4. Get to hang out with cousin.
5. I get to go out!
6. Entertainment.. galore!
7. Get to sleep late.
8. No stress (well, not really, not as much as the stress school gives)
9. Get to finish watching The Simpsons (Season 10!)
10. Get to laze around at home.

10 things i dislike about holidays:
1. Homework o.O
2. I still have tuition.
3. FOLIOS!!!
4. Don't get to see my friends (I don't really mind, but I gotta fill in the space :P)
5. I get dumber.
6. I feel like I'm wasting time.
7. What more is there to hate about holidays?!
8. Have to study.....
9. Eyesight worsen (TV, computer.. etc)
10. Nothing really..

No more holidays :( NO MORE!! Oh, how I loved the holidays.. although I didn't really benefit much from it. I feel emo again.. I always feel emo.. during the last days of the holiday. Such as now.. I'm gonna miss the holidays. After this, it will be pain and suffering the whole month.. APRIL, I don't remember any holidays in April. None at all.. only state holidays, which doesn't include KL. It's going to be one whole month of sadness and stress. I hate April (no offense to those whose birthday is on April). SIGH, my brother is adding to the sadness.. and the irritation. I need God a lot in April, well, I need him a lot all the time.. but you get the point.

Nevermind, let's talk about the brighter, happier and more positive side of life!
I watched Hotel for Dogs today. Very touching storyline. 5 teenagers trying to save all the stray dogs in the town. They found an abandoned hotel and used it to create a doggie hotel. The inventions were pretty cool! I almost cried at the part where Andi and Bruce (Emma Roberts and Jake T. Austin) were separated (orphaned brother and sister). But they really remind me of me and Christopher, not the orphan part. Well anyways, they went through a lot to save the dogs. Quite nice lah the movie.

A.R.K (An act of random kindness); Cupcakes, the root of diabetes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally, the holidays are here! No waking up early, yay! But.. I'm sure this school holiday will be pass by before I can say Supercalifragilisticexpedalidicious.

Me and my mom went to buy revision books in Popular yesterday.. I bought so many, people were staring at me with their eyes widened.. Perhaps they pity me, cause I pity myself.. And that picture you see above this, there are many thin evil books in between, so there are more books than you think you see. Everything costed about RM200+.

Gosh, it's not like I don't have enough books. (I have more in my cupboards and that pink box)

I felt so eager to start studying right away and be amazed with all the new things I will learn today (They're not really new, just I probably forgot about those facts) after buying all these new books. Unfortunately, that feeling only lasted for a night, cause the next morning, I didn't feel like studying anymore, darn.

Well, that's not really the point..

Sadly for us, it was raining cats and dogs yesterday. We only had one umbrella, and we parked the car quite far away. So I was told to wait for my mom while she gets the car with the umbrella. After around.. 15-20 minutes of standing there with those piles of books in plastic bags, finally my mother arrived with the car. I had no choice but to run, knowing I will get soaked in the rain and my dress will surely be ruined. In the middle of running (mind you, I had 3 plastic bags, FULL of heavy books), a lady with an umbrella told me (in Cantonese), "Leng lui! Come under my umbrella, I bring you to your mother's car! The rain is very heavy." At first I felt a bit awkward cause I didn't know whether this lady had a different motive.. but I safely reached my mother's car and thanked her endlessly.

That act of random kindness (ARK), put me into a lot of thinking. I wonder how many are there of these people in the world. Immediately the answer, "Not many" came to my mind. You see, helping other people, even in a very small way can make the other person very happy, such as moi (me, in French, in case you don't know). Yes, this post is dedicated to all kind people, especially the lady who helped me.
Lady with green umbrella who helped me, if you're reading this, thank you, and God bless you!


CUPCAKES! Those sweet, heavenly, mouth-watering pastries are, indeed and most unfortunately.. one of the roots of diabetes. Oh yes, these diabolical little things contribute to diabetes, along with all the other sugary, scrumptious food.
We made some for the March birthday babies at church on Saturday. The electricity went out, it was raining so crazy heavily.. but we had lotsa fun.. we even ate a few. Everyone said it was too sweet, I agree :X

A few of the ones we made (pic courtesy of Adrienne & Sophia):

(missing a 'S' there, WinGS)

The future pastry chef's creation (Phoebe's).

(Queenie's, it looks nice cause it's so.. abstract)

(So colourful, yet so deadly :P)

(Birthday cupcakes.. a job well done)

Soo... Happy Birthday March babies! Hope you all liked the church-made cupcakes!

P/S: All those stuff I wrote about how dangerous cupcakes are, were not meant to offend the people who made the cupcakes, haha!

JJ & Rudy/Ean parodies (

Friday, March 13, 2009

Laugh & Enjoy :)

I Got It From The Mamak

Hey JJ...
Yeala, where you wanna go ah?
Dunno, you got kereta?
No ah... jalan lah

JJ, where'd you get your canai from?
Rudy, where'd you get your maggi from?
JJ, where'd you get your tosai from?
Rudy, where'd you get your curry from?

I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it got it got it...

JJ, where'd you get your kopi from?
Rudy, where'd you get your nasi from?
JJ, where'd you get your sambal from?
Eh, Rudy, where'd you get your tapau from?

I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it got it got it...

Mamak, looking good from his head to his toe,
Curry overload, body out of control,
Open 24, you can always go,
So happening, also got cendol,

Roti smelling good, they don't use ghee,
It's almost four, it's the place to eat, (apa khabar?)
You can tell curry's been there for a week, (wah sedap!)
Mamak made it hot, I can feel the heat!

So be jolly good and thank your mamak,
He makes food just like a sauna,
Panas, panas, here it comes now, panas, panas, here it comes now,

I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it got it got it...

Aney, Aney, Tolong kira please boss!

(Some tamil convo here lolz)

- What?
- Ten ringgit forty cent, buuuttt for you guys - Ten ringgit.

Eh Rudy..
Mmm, tak rasa la. Not enough spice la...
Don't worry, I know what to do man.

(Telephone dialling)
Ow Sh*t, it's the morning crew!

Ho, you ain't hungry?
Well - I - am,
Take you to a place where they don't eat ham,
Speak malay or speak chinese,
A little bit of rice and some black eyed peas,
Where else can you go and eat real late?
Straight from the club and it's food on your plate,
Love Mackie Diz, but not today,
Think I'm in the mood for some cool teh,
Tell JJ, I think I found a winner,
Me and Rudy, we both missed dinner,
So you know that we're ready to eat,
No durians, now please have a seat!

Come on...
I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it got it got it...

All these food right here, I got all these from my MAMAK.
All these food right here, I got all these from my MAMAK.

If a roti real fine, 9 times outta 10, its coming from my mamak,
If the kopi real sweet, 9 times outta 10, its sweeter at my mamak,
If the cat's really ugly, I bet you, it is not at my mamak,
If the girl's real fine, 9 times outta 10, she's hanging at my mamak,
If you're chilling in subang, 9 times outta 10, you're chilling at my mamak,
If you're hanging in ampang, 9 times outta 10, you're hanging at my mamak,
At my mamak!

JJ, where'd you get your canai from?
Rudy, where'd you get your maggi from?
JJ, where'd you get your tosai from?
Rudy, where'd you get your curry from?

I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it got it got it...
Roti make some noise!
If you like kopi, make some noise!
If you like mamak, make some noise!
Make some noise, Make some noise, noise, noise...
(noi, noi, noi, noi, noi...)

Ok, ok enough of the noise, eh - macha, macha, Rudy - Stop with the tin cans la!
Are you serious?
Yeala please
Eh, but how's your roti ah?
Ooo, dahsyat man
Eh, eh whatchu got eh watchu wat's that?
Eheh, chicken, lamb, everything inside!
Got telur?

Credits: HypnoticalProduction

Don't Cha

Specially for you on
Oh no we are gonna to be the funny and crazy in here
Ahh, cuckoo, yes that's right
Uh baby, Mat chas let's go, Ahh
Leng-Chai let's go, Oi
Let me talk to you so you can get a lil imagination of the ______
Listen, you know the doll cats hot everytime you walk in your favourite mamak spot
Make a plate sizzle like a hot plate noodle
Call for the canai and yes I'll have two now,
Show banging when you add some sambal tumis with it,
Smell good wanna dig into it,
No drinks with some of my sip,
Give me another.

I know you like me, I forgot the 1st one was okay right,
I know you do, I know you do,
That's why whenever I move around my belly jiggles too,
And i know you want it, I know you want it,
Its easy to eat, it's easy to eat
And in the back of your mind I know you want to bump you it.

Don't you wish your boyfriend was hot like me
Don't you wish your boyfriend was it like me
Don't cha
Don't cha

Erm erm er, are you ready? Yeap
Don't you wish your boyfriend was round like me
Don't you wish your boyfriend made more money
Don't cha
Come on tell me tell me, i do i do i seriously do
Don't cha

Wait its my turn again, okay go ahead
I got the feeling, I got the feeling
To laze around, To laze around
Cause if it not an emergency i ain't leaving home
Call me later cause i want to watch TV la
Please don't be leber, Please don't be leber,
You're nagging to much, You're nagging too much
See I don't care, but I know I have to act like I do.

Don't you wish your boy friend was hot like me,
Don't you wish your boy friend would eat like me,
Don't cha
Don't cha
Don't you wish your boyfriend was round like me
Don't you wish your boyfriend makes more money, ka ching
Don't cha
Come on, i forgot the first one but it's okay right
Don't cha

Oh baby you so hot la,
Sayang oh handsome why you eat so much like that,
When you hold the remote control like that,
You make me so hot,
I hope my boyfriend can eat two canais like you,
You see the way I stuff it in my mouth like that?
Oh! How do you put two canais in,
Dip once, POW! in the mouth,
Watch me drool baby, watch me drool,
Wipe my mouth?
Oh *lips smacking* that's why I love you

One more time? One more time
Don't you wish your boy friend was hot like me, Ahhh
Don't you wish your boy friend will eat like me, I mess up
Don't cha, it's okay man
Don't cha

One more time baby
Don't you wish your boy friend was round like me
Don't you wish your boy friend makes more mo-ney, ka ching
Don't cha
Don't cha

Credits: HypnoticalProduction

I Fell in love wth the DJ JJ

Tokyo Drift

If I Were the Boss

Merentas Desa (Cross-country)!

I see victorious youths,
Holding their hands up high,
Tearing off their anxieties,
Enjoying every moment there was.
Sorry Saw, I can only go this far. I don't feel creative anymore, lol.

Yeap that was the atmosphere today in school. Almost everyone was 'high' :pandaGeli_14:
Maybe the rain this morning contained some chemical that would make students ecstatic or something.

The PA system was so kelam-kabut today. We ran so much, I think that was considered cross-country to me. We ran up, down, left, right, in, out and every other direction you can think of. And then we wanted to make a human chain to pass signals.. but we didn't.. I thought it was gonna be fun! Then we had senamrobik.. LOL Matthew was doing his own senamrobik! Daniel & Kyle (I'm so not used to calling him Kyle!) telling us their reminiscence on yoga class, me and Saw doing Tai Chi. And then Kyle jumped and this pants fell off, in front of 2 teachers.. SERIOUSLY, it did fall off. But thank God there were shorts inside.

The rain lasted the WHOLE morning. It was a good day for ducks and I was quite sure we were going to have a bath. It was like the clouds were crying :pandacloud_30: (Oh, I have a smiley for that!)

Saw was misusing the school radio to play her songs (DBSK, BoA, Linda Chung songs), naughty. She blared the radio so loud, she was fearless.

But she got in trouble anyways :mHaha:. Why? Teacher received news that the students were dancing or don't know what. I partly got in trouble too cause I was there and didn't stop her from doing so. IT'S SAW XUE LING, what do you expect? She'll call you to shut up if you ask her to stop the music :P But Saw, showing her 'angelic' side, apologised to teacher for everything. Surprisingly, she didn't even scold her. She just said, "Next time don't do ah.. etc.. etc.."

Medal ceremony! We couldn't care less about it (cause we didn't even participate), so we got permission from teacher to patrol the school, to check if any of the students were in class. After patroling, we went to the library to see Lay Fang (librarian, extraordinaire) and her junior. We decided to just read books until the ceremony was over. The book, '100 of the world's best houses' (something like that) caught my attention RIGHT away. It was sitting in a sad, lonely cupboard in the room, but I saved it. The houses were B-E-A-UTIFUL. OK, now I feel like being an interior designer.

Oh yeh, the smilies are back! But they're so darn big :mHantuk:

I plan to turn off my house lights @ 23rd March, 8.30PM for one hour (if I'm at home). JOIN ME TO SAVE THE PLANET!

I'm feeling itchy all over lately. I scratch like I've never scratched before! Am I allergic to something, I don't even know?

Tagged by Sarah, AGAIN. Haha! Sorry Sarah, I didn't post the rules.

1. What is your name? Carmen
2. A 4 Letter Word: Class
3. A Boys Name: Christopher :O
4. A Girls name: Cherie
5. An Occupation: Clogs?
6. A Color: Coral
7. Something you wear: Candy earrings (not really...)
8. A Beverage: Coke
9. A Food: Chicken
10. Something found in the bathroom: Can of coke?
11. A place: Calcutta, India
12. A Reason for being late: Caring for others (PERASAN!)
13. Something you shout: CRACKERS~

Chong Wei in England final!!!!; Tagged by Sarah.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm watching the England badminton final now..
Lee Chong Wei...... WON!!!!
No, I was just joking, he LOST.. to Lin Dan (China).. again.
At least this time Lin Dan looks friendlier. After the final point, he went over to Chong Wei and grasped his hand. But still, ARGH!!
Yah, there you go. I must be the first one to post the results in the internet ;)

Tag by Sarah

1: Type in "[your first name] needs" in the Google search:
Carmen needs some watchdeer/the loo/a home
(The loo one is funny :P)

2: Type in "[your first name] looks like" in the Google search:
Carmen looks like Angeline Jolie
(I'm laughing my head on this one!)

3: Type in "[your first name] hates" in Google search:
Carmen hates La Coka Nostra
(La Coka Nostra is an American Hip-Hop group fyi..)

4: Type in "[your first name] goes" in Google search:
Carmen goes to college
(Soon, I shall!)

5: Type in "[your first name] loves" in Google search:
Carmen loves the monkey

6: Type in "[your first name] eats" in Google search:
Carmen eats it at Fashion Show!
(Eats what o.O?)

7: Type in "[your first name] has" in Google search:
*Can we not post this answer? It's inappropriate!
(Umm... don't ask.)

8: Type in "[your first name] works" in Google search:
Carmen works in a bubblegum factory.

9: Type in"[your first name] lives" in Google search:
Carmen lives in my building.

10: Type in "[your first name] died" in Google search:
Carmen died of lymphoma at her home in California on Thursday

11; Type in “[your first name will” in Google search:
Carmen will contribute to the next generation of on-line banking.
(That's so true!)

Thanks for tagging, Sarah. Funny tag! I wished they had more questions :P
Whoever wants to do it, go ahead.

Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This guy has all the answers (:

Woodwork; Cherie, Sarah and Carmen!

I hate woodwork. Or in other words, Kemahiran Hidup (Life Skills?).
I forgot all about sending in my woodwork.
So I did it at about 10PM on Sunday night, all the way till almost 2AM, Monday morning.
I don't know what kept me awake, either the frustration and crankiness.. or the Balinese chocolate coffee.
You see that crack?? That is a mark of my frustration and irritation. LOL, no I did not break it into half on purpose. I was nailing it, and then CRACK. Sigh..

Gosh I still have Seni to do.. but lemme show you guy something..

Funniest thing today:

- says (3:27 PM): YOU PPLS
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:28 PM): YO
Cherie says (3:28 PM): I'm the invinscible rubber duckie.
fear me. love me. and adore me . *awkward silence*
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:28 PM): *crickets chirping*
- says (3:28 PM): a ball of hay passes by
Cherie says (3:28 PM): ._.
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:29 PM):
cowboy showdown.
- says (3:29 PM):
bring it on
DCM does the Clinton move
the eyes
Cherie says (3:29 PM):
; (
- says (3:29 PM):
down with the CHow Yun Fat move
Cherie says (3:29 PM):
Leave ACG alone, and all will be well.
- says (3:30 PM):
the tooth pick in his mouth
gives DCM
the evil glare
and bang
they shoot eachother
but ohno
DCM was outa bulley
Cherie says (3:30 PM):
- says (3:30 PM):
he get;s shot
Cherie says (3:30 PM):
...... you know.
when technology is so advanced.
- says (3:30 PM):
Sarah runs our
Cherie says (3:30 PM):
who needs violence.
- says (3:30 PM):
Cherie says (3:30 PM):
- says (3:31 PM):
Cherie run and hugs ACG in triumph
Cherie says (3:31 PM):
*runs dcm over with a truck* ):
- says (3:31 PM):
Sarah cries in misery
and vowels for revenge
Cherie says (3:31 PM):
-_- HELLO. friend. friendddd I do not stalk my idols.
they need their space.
- says (3:31 PM):
DCM is not in coma
dcm IS in Coma"
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:31 PM):
- says (3:32 PM):
i am so random
Cherie says (3:32 PM):
Which dumbasshole would actually run out and hug ACG.
He'd probably think ur a loony.
- says (3:32 PM):
it was a funny story
cherie being so mean
sarah sobs
Cherie says (3:32 PM):
Don't worry Sarah. I don't think DCM would notice ur #1 DCM FAN tee-shirt that ur wearing.
Cherie says (3:33 PM):
ok fineee it was overly dramatic but funnay LOL
but that's the point right ;o
- says (3:33 PM):
am i Really that obsessed wif dcm?
Cherie says (3:33 PM):
yes you are.
it's so obvious.
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:34 PM):
- says (3:34 PM):
i got some science h/w
but so lazy
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:34 PM):
HAHA i have an essay!! but talking with you.. i can never finish it.
Cherie says (3:34 PM):
Oh oh
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:34 PM):
you two*
Cherie says (3:34 PM):
let me help you with that
Cherie says (3:35 PM):
just write a story abt DCM & SOM.
their unrequited love.
and your teacher will go like : WOOOOooooOOoOoo SOM U GO GIRL, TO HELL WITH DCM.
- says (3:35 PM):
SOm you go GIRL????
Cherie says (3:35 PM):
- says (3:35 PM):
so his a transexul?
Cherie says (3:35 PM):
The cold hard truth. Girl.
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:35 PM):
lolll i'm writing about a hakka wedding!
Cherie says (3:36 PM):
Hakka wedding?
- says (3:36 PM):
Cherie says (3:36 PM):
I rmb seeing that word beff
- says (3:36 PM):
what about my science homework?
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:36 PM):
haha yse a hakka wedding.
it's another chinese dialect
another chinese ethnic group
- says (3:36 PM):
how about sciencr?
Cherie says (3:36 PM):
oh yeah i remember.
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:36 PM):
Cherie says (3:36 PM):
Cherie says (3:37 PM):
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:37 PM):
lol somehow something else came in my head about science O.O
Cherie says (3:37 PM):
likeeee ?
- says (3:37 PM):
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:37 PM):
Cherie says (3:37 PM):
OoOOhh... I know... *grins naughtily*
- says (3:37 PM):
the boys get all ecited in Health
Cherie says (3:37 PM):
*pushes Sarah's face away*
your a small girl
- says (3:37 PM):
as soon as the teacher start going about Sex
Cherie says (3:37 PM):
shouldnt pollute your little mind.
sorry i mean
your mind.
not little.
- says (3:38 PM):
doesn't mean i'm the youngest
i'm immature
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:38 PM):
get away from me!
- says (3:38 PM):
Cherie says (3:38 PM):
I'm a pervy too
- says (3:38 PM):
me too
Cherie says (3:38 PM):
- says (3:38 PM):
but on;y on dcm
Cherie says (3:38 PM):
*breaks down on hte ground and sobs uncontrollably*
I'm .. I'm sorry but I've got a confession to make.
- says (3:38 PM):
Cherie says (3:38 PM):
I.. I I
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:39 PM):
Cherie says (3:39 PM):
I I I i i i i i what am i saying, I have no idea.
- says (3:39 PM):
Cherie says (3:39 PM):
sigh, sarah.
- says (3:39 PM):
wat about me?
Cherie says (3:39 PM):
wat about you?
Carmen sedang membuat kerja rumah. says (3:39 PM):
yeh, what bout yo?
Cherie says (3:39 PM):
i knew it.
she's a forty-five year old in diguise.
Cherie says (3:40 PM):
Spit it out sister.
There were a lot more things we chatted about, but they're private :X
Btw, I thought about the science thing, only because they're teaching reproduction in school OK? Don't think otherwise (: I'm not that dirty-minded, or am I?

A Night To Remember (28/2); Meryl Streep & Ellen DeGeneres

Monday, March 2, 2009

I loved it! It was absolutely brilliant.
The Venezuelan pianist Sergio Tiempo was great! Well, I don't know whether he was good or not, but I assume he's very good because he made it into the orchestra.
The Russian conductor Vassily Sinaisky really showed a lot of emotions while conducting. He looked like any typical grandfather. His gestures and motions were strict and sharp most of the time, but when necessary, he used gentle and smooth strokes (baton). Excellent :D!
Other than that, the head 1st violinist guy was plum and fair. He was very funny, cause his bow strings kept falling off and when it wasn't his turn to play, you can see him vigorously pulling it off. But it didn't occur to him only, some of the other string instrument players' bows also came off.
They played:

Dvořák's Carnival Overture (Op.92), Liszt's Piano Concerto No.1 in E flat & Rachmaninov's Symphony No.2 in E minor (Op.27).

Phoebe's brother, Mark, Phoebe, me and Feli!

Felicity Fong :P

The beautiful, Phoebe Klaire.

The unexpected, Seet Zi Yean (disposable)!!! Who knew she would come to these kind of performances.

Mr. Wilson Wong, thank you for sending me there! And once again, I didn't know he was going to the same performance till that afternoon.

*ahem*.. Feli ruined the picture, haha!

My ticket.

Dewan Filharmonik Petronas.

Now, I'm 60% sure I want to play in the orchestra.

I found the last part hilarious. They were suppose to guess the accents from the papers pasted on their hat.

15 is a dangerous age.

Image Hosted by
I don't know about you, but
Being fifteen is a bore.
Being fifteen means you're a year older than fourteens.
Being fifteen means you're gonna take PMR this year!
Being fifteen just gives you more dark circles under your eyes.
Being fifteen means everyone will be expecting good results.
Being fifteen doesn't feel like a joy ride at all.
Being fifteen makes you more emotional.
Being fifteen makes you more materialistic.
Being fifteen just makes you argue with your parents more.
Being fifteen makes you feel like bending the rules a little bit.
Being fifteen SUCKS!

OH YEAH. Glad I got that off my chest.
I feel a migraine coming (oh and that's why I didn't go to school today, people).

Oh, and I got an award!
I saw this PS challenge somewhere.. I thought like, wow, this might be fun..
And I got first place, by cropping and colouring (not your normal colouring, PS colouring) Yamapi pictures :P

Haha, don't laugh at my nickname.

My first Christian wallpaper:

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