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Friday, March 20, 2009

Shu Lyn's tag
List 10 things that you like about holidays, and another 10 things that you dislike about holidays. After you are done, tag 12 people.

10 things i like about holidays:
1. Don't need to wake up early (THIS IS NUMBER 1 REASON)
2. No homework!
3. Don't need to get in that stuffy van that makes me dizzy everyday.
4. Get to hang out with cousin.
5. I get to go out!
6. Entertainment.. galore!
7. Get to sleep late.
8. No stress (well, not really, not as much as the stress school gives)
9. Get to finish watching The Simpsons (Season 10!)
10. Get to laze around at home.

10 things i dislike about holidays:
1. Homework o.O
2. I still have tuition.
3. FOLIOS!!!
4. Don't get to see my friends (I don't really mind, but I gotta fill in the space :P)
5. I get dumber.
6. I feel like I'm wasting time.
7. What more is there to hate about holidays?!
8. Have to study.....
9. Eyesight worsen (TV, computer.. etc)
10. Nothing really..

No more holidays :( NO MORE!! Oh, how I loved the holidays.. although I didn't really benefit much from it. I feel emo again.. I always feel emo.. during the last days of the holiday. Such as now.. I'm gonna miss the holidays. After this, it will be pain and suffering the whole month.. APRIL, I don't remember any holidays in April. None at all.. only state holidays, which doesn't include KL. It's going to be one whole month of sadness and stress. I hate April (no offense to those whose birthday is on April). SIGH, my brother is adding to the sadness.. and the irritation. I need God a lot in April, well, I need him a lot all the time.. but you get the point.

Nevermind, let's talk about the brighter, happier and more positive side of life!
I watched Hotel for Dogs today. Very touching storyline. 5 teenagers trying to save all the stray dogs in the town. They found an abandoned hotel and used it to create a doggie hotel. The inventions were pretty cool! I almost cried at the part where Andi and Bruce (Emma Roberts and Jake T. Austin) were separated (orphaned brother and sister). But they really remind me of me and Christopher, not the orphan part. Well anyways, they went through a lot to save the dogs. Quite nice lah the movie.

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