A.R.K (An act of random kindness); Cupcakes, the root of diabetes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally, the holidays are here! No waking up early, yay! But.. I'm sure this school holiday will be pass by before I can say Supercalifragilisticexpedalidicious.

Me and my mom went to buy revision books in Popular yesterday.. I bought so many, people were staring at me with their eyes widened.. Perhaps they pity me, cause I pity myself.. And that picture you see above this, there are many thin evil books in between, so there are more books than you think you see. Everything costed about RM200+.

Gosh, it's not like I don't have enough books. (I have more in my cupboards and that pink box)

I felt so eager to start studying right away and be amazed with all the new things I will learn today (They're not really new, just I probably forgot about those facts) after buying all these new books. Unfortunately, that feeling only lasted for a night, cause the next morning, I didn't feel like studying anymore, darn.

Well, that's not really the point..

Sadly for us, it was raining cats and dogs yesterday. We only had one umbrella, and we parked the car quite far away. So I was told to wait for my mom while she gets the car with the umbrella. After around.. 15-20 minutes of standing there with those piles of books in plastic bags, finally my mother arrived with the car. I had no choice but to run, knowing I will get soaked in the rain and my dress will surely be ruined. In the middle of running (mind you, I had 3 plastic bags, FULL of heavy books), a lady with an umbrella told me (in Cantonese), "Leng lui! Come under my umbrella, I bring you to your mother's car! The rain is very heavy." At first I felt a bit awkward cause I didn't know whether this lady had a different motive.. but I safely reached my mother's car and thanked her endlessly.

That act of random kindness (ARK), put me into a lot of thinking. I wonder how many are there of these people in the world. Immediately the answer, "Not many" came to my mind. You see, helping other people, even in a very small way can make the other person very happy, such as moi (me, in French, in case you don't know). Yes, this post is dedicated to all kind people, especially the lady who helped me.
Lady with green umbrella who helped me, if you're reading this, thank you, and God bless you!


CUPCAKES! Those sweet, heavenly, mouth-watering pastries are, indeed and most unfortunately.. one of the roots of diabetes. Oh yes, these diabolical little things contribute to diabetes, along with all the other sugary, scrumptious food.
We made some for the March birthday babies at church on Saturday. The electricity went out, it was raining so crazy heavily.. but we had lotsa fun.. we even ate a few. Everyone said it was too sweet, I agree :X

A few of the ones we made (pic courtesy of Adrienne & Sophia):

(missing a 'S' there, WinGS)

The future pastry chef's creation (Phoebe's).

(Queenie's, it looks nice cause it's so.. abstract)

(So colourful, yet so deadly :P)

(Birthday cupcakes.. a job well done)

Soo... Happy Birthday March babies! Hope you all liked the church-made cupcakes!

P/S: All those stuff I wrote about how dangerous cupcakes are, were not meant to offend the people who made the cupcakes, haha!

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