The Sims 3!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I am sooo excited!!!! I have been an avid fan of The Sims since I was.. 9 or something? I remember intalling The Sims into my computer and playing it for the first time!! It was unforgettable :]

But the point is, EA Games is coming out with Sims 3!! It just can't get any better than that :D I heard it's coming out in June, but I also heard that it has come out in stores (Feb '09). When is it coming out in M'sia, cause I will CERTAINLY buy it. I think Sims 3's gonna be very very addictive, I know that cause the previews were already so awesome.
Sims 2 is already awesome, but just with a few flaws and it's getting boring. I don't think Sims 3 will have any flaws at all (I hope not)!! No game is perfect though, I guess we'll only find out once we play it!

Behind the scenes. One of my ambitions is to become one of the creators of Sims. Yes, I'm such a big fan, I'm working my way towards Sims 10!

Official Trailer.

Isn't it awesome? Now, you can actually set your Sim's favourites! Also, you can select character traits for your Sim which they never had in Sims 1 or 2. You want your Sim to be materialistic? Sure. A vegetarian? Okie-dokie. Couch potato? You bet! All of them at once? NO PROBLEM! However, you can only choose 5 traits.
Oh. my. goodness. You can join a protest and ride bikes! They have so many places you can visit including your neighbours!!! And finally, they have work places and proper jobs too.

McCain and Palin.. in Sims 3.. and you see Obama jogging and falling from a treadmill.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
And the house decors are absolutely amazing.
Photo courtesy of Frances and Estatica from the Creators Camp.

The Sims 3 soundtracks:
EA Trax
Sounds a bit similar to the Sims 2 one, but still great!

So, support Sims 3! And if you're fretting about what to get me for my birthday.. fret no more. Just get me an original Sims 3 (if I haven't got it yet :P) and I will be extremely thankful for the rest of my life.

rofl, I took a psychological neurotic test, and it said I was definitely neurotic. Haha!

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