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Saturday, January 5, 2008

lol.. not gonna post that often anymore because school just re-opened (and don't think will continue worldly issues posts)

i decided to make a wish/goals list for myself for 2008 after thinking about what Joel said in WinGS today.. but this time on my blog (i actually listened to his 'sermon'). lol. and when i have achieved it, i will add a '(achieved)' at the end of the wish/goal. here i go =)

-Try to finish reading the bible *whoaaa.. with extra effort, this can be done*
-Read the bible daily *will probably achieve this one at the end of the year o.O*
- Be more active in church *no comment!*
- Get straight As in exams *sigh*
- Get a good position in class *sigh also!*
- Find my desired 'long shirt short dress' *finding...*
- Find those nice round earrings and a pair of cross earrings *also finding..*
- Get wireless internet on labtop *ohhh this would be good*
- Get ImageReady *or something which has the same features as ImageReady*
- Improve in Photoshop skills *this will require alot of help*
- Find more tutorials/brushes/textures/patterns/fonts online *will be considered achieved after having satisfied amount*
- Get a new phone *it should be much better than my current one*
- Finish downloading 30 episodes of Healing Hands III *extended...*
- Watch The Gem of Life (珠光寶氣) *shall be achieved in August!*
- See Gigi for at least once!! *nearly impossible!*

Red = Christian
Green = Studies/School
Purple = Fashion
Blue = Tech stuff
Yellow = Entertainment

will update more wishes/goals next time!

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