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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It was that time of the year again!

Shan Berg did a great job leading the 'props crew' (us) this year. We made his blood pressure increase :D!

I was a helper at the G'day Cafe! If I were a kid, I would love my station because there's snacks! For kids, it was hassle-free, and full of fun.
For us, it was our worst nightmare.
Lol, kidding! Exaggerating :P
We stayed up till 3AM to make the cheesy vegemite scrolls. It was so.. tiring. But knowing that I'm doing it for the kids and (indirectly) for the Lord, it kept me going. I was so cranky (crank that soulja boy! *put for fun*) and active. Seriously, I work better when I'm cranky.. more productive.


Day 1 - Cheesy Vegemite Scrolls

What is it: Bread/puffs rolled and spread with cheese&vegemite/milo/nutella/honey.

Day 2 - Kangaroo Pouches

What is it: Pita breads with grated cucumbers and carrots, mayonnaise and hot dogs.

Day 3 - Ants on a Log (Failed!), Fruit popsicles/Mash Potatoes

Why fail? Because the celeries were too small. Too small to spread anything inside the centre :(
What is it: Celeries, dipped into condiments such as nutella, mayonnaise or ? (yeah i forgot, sorry) and also after that dipped into sprinkles/cereal/? (forgot this too).

Sry for forgetting everything so quick. I'm so sick right now, can't even think straight.

The cutest little girl :D

Hershey's Chocolate Syrup!

Haha coincidentally Sarah & I both had moles on our arm, so we drew something on it xD

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