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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Haha finally got a new banner. YES it's Gigi again. I don't really have any other nice pictures to put as the blog banner (of other people). This is currently B.3

Pictures of the church Charity Dinner (Up for grabs!):

it looks like Cheaper By The Dozen :D 12 children and one proud dad. the mom's off on a book tour!

ME, Queenie, Phoebe, Adrienne.
We're wearing all black cause we were performing! Well except for Adrienne, but she looks beautiful in black :)

The violinists/pianists of the night.

There are many posters of 'The Gem of Life' posted up at the Shanghai International Film Gallery. I LOVE THE FIRST ONE & SECOND ONE (more to come):

These pictures aren't taken by me!

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SERIES. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR A YEAR. C'MON, AIR IT ALREADY TVB!!! 50-60 episodes of Gigi&Ada. AND Moses & Eddie fighting for Gigi. I'd love to watch that <3. and Heart of Greed II (which its title is changed [not sure] to Moonlight Resonance according to Wikipedia).

Arghhh today went for powerpoint competition @ SMK Sains Selangor. Gosh the school's so clean, compared to mine. We had 3 hours to finish 70 slides. We did it in time (thank God!) Ysabelle & Yoong were very high today too! I can't go for the presentation on Saturday cause I have something going on, so FELICITY FONG please back me up on this. TQ :)

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