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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yay new banner for the new year :puteh_12:
It took me approximately 6 hours. On and off lah of course, but still.. I made it till I went :mPening:


Today I got so many injuries... 3 injuries to be exact.
1. I burnt my finger
2. I cut my leg
3. I stepped on a very spiky thing

And to top it off when we were at the mamak, this pregnant cat kept disturbing me. Kept coming near my leg and rubbing it's body against my leg. So ticklish and irritating. I am not an animal abuser, I pity the cat too! But you know la, once you feed the cat, it'll follow you and I don't want that. But in the end Ivy fed it (yay!) and it was busy eating, probably didn't realize we were gone.

Tomorrow, school's re-opening. I think everyone must be

What did I tell ya =)? I can write a whole blog post with only emoticons I tell you.

OK I don't feel like blogging anymore. I feel like starting on my new subjects now! Oh the motivation!!!

Now playing: One Republic - Secrets
I love the song!!

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