Astro B.yond so far!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feast your eyes on the longest HD commercial in Malaysian television commercial history!!!
Astro B.yond commercial:
Watch it in HD 720px by clicking here [remember to change the quality to HD]:

Does anyone know the song in the commercial? It's so good :) Probably Astro custom-made the song. The lyrics is something like this:

I wonder when it happened, when it first began
I looked around ?
And all that I could see was stars in my head
All of this, it seems real

oooooo....... this is real

This is no illusion
I can feel the breeze
I'm lost in this magnificence
This is real

Look at what brilliant people have brought us :D
HIGH-DEFINITION *choir singing in the background*
I have Astro B.yond at home! Not only the picture quality has increased by leaps and bounds, the sound quality is different as well. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Join us~

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