2nd skin on Blogskins!; Today

Monday, January 11, 2010

I am on a roll~

2nd blogskin :D!

For further info about it:

Yeah I said I was going to do a "Might to Save" blogskin, but I don't have any ideas for it yet, so I did 'Grace Flows Down.

Madam Ee and Pn. Azatul said I gained weight @ lompat tinggi practice D: HAHAHAHAHAHA! But, that's true.
I didn't wanna join any sports activities this year (feeling lazy...) so I pretended to run and just stop right in front of the pole... "Sze ern, your butt too big until cannot jump ah?" Wahhh.. hurtful words, teacher, hurtful words. And omigosh, the both of them were gossiping about my weight behind my back weihh :( Lol, they gossiped too loud because I could hear them.

I started Add-Maths class in school last week, but the REAL thing started today when we learned about functions. Giler man o.O

OH YAH, anyone wants 4Sc1's class schedule for 10 cents :D? In one piece of paper, there are 3 copies in it. You might ask, why the heck would I need another one? Well.. you might just lose your current one. So buy one from me today :D It's only 10 cents!!! for 3 copies!!

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