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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas wishlist

1. A new bible & bible case.

2. New iPod Touch skin.

3. Round earrings!

4. Cross earrings :)

5. A long skirt.

6. New jeans.

7. A purse!

8. Thin hair band
- Not the one you use to tie your hair, but the one you use to pull up your frinch. Although I have no frinch, but I have irritating front baby hair.

9. A new dress
- Haha, I'm getting sick of wearing the white one with the flower all the time xD

10. Ipanema slippers (Biggest size :D)
- I can't believe... my dog bit it. So now, it's unwearable. I want a new one!!

11. More high-heels :)
- Materialism strikes again.

12. "Mahathir Mohammad" comic book by E.Yu
- I have the Tunku Abdul Rahman one.. and I enjoyed it! I want to read this one too.

13. New novels.
- I'm a bookworm!! I love reading. I wanna buy rom com (romance&comedy) novels! I like rom coms :D

14. A trip to the new Sakae Sushi/Subway in Leisure Mall.

2009 Christmas wishlist

1. Nike+ shoes

2. Blackberry

3. iPod Touch Charger Adaptor

4. Affogato

5. Nintendo Wii

6. Nintendo DSi

7. Padini Authentics bag

8. A new laptop/netbook/computer

9. Olympus PEN

10. Sony Ericsson W910

11. Nikon Coolpix S1000pj

- Try to finish reading the bible *I don't think I'm even half-way there yet :(*
- Get straight As in exams *This shall be seen in PMR* WOOOOT!!
- Get more shoes
- Get a long skirt Thanks to Queenie :)
- Get a new purse, specifically.. maybe a Juicy Couture one. *I've been using my current one for 6 years* Got a 'Vincci Accesories' one.
- Get a specific kind of shirt
- Find those nice round earrings and a pair of cross earrings ~ I got the round earrings!
- Play piano for church! *Later XD*
- Continue learning violin *I have stopped for such a long time*
- Get my violin fixed first
- Finish grade 8 piano *Still a long time more..*
- Get a new bag *this time no more pink ti:zed handbags o.O*
- Get a new schoolbag *the zips are broken*
- Borrow last Shopaholic book from Feli and read it.
- Buy new camera *I want to learn how to use DSLR camera!*
- Buy new piano *In progress...*
- Buy new iPod touch wire charger/adaptor *the current one is so fragile!*

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