Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I really like this phrase:
You add and apostrophe (') in between the letters 'i' and 'm' in the word 'impossible', and then you get 'I'm possible'. You only need ONE apostrophe to change the whole definition of a negative word, to a positive phrase. Cool, isn't it.

I'm starting to appreciate poems more lately, thanks to English teacher! Read the Daffodils by William Wordsworth. Very imaginative and descriptive poem.

Well, I fell down during running for co-curriculum last week... now I have a large blue-black on my right knee, and a wound on my left leg. Then I fell again yesterday, causing my blue-black to hurt much more. I am so careless!

iCarly's website
And watch the videos they make... childish, but hilarious xD! E.g. Drive Thru Musical and iCrush it on Wheels..

Yay, there's double Moses Chan and Gigi Lai on TV!
Every weekday:
1. The Ultimate Crime Fighter (7-8PM @ 8TV)
2. The Gem of Life (9.30-10.30PM @ Astro Wah Lai Toi)
Apparently, those are Gigi's last two series, so you must watch :D!

Left pic: The Ultimate Crime Fighter (2007)
Right pic: The Gem of Life (2008/2009)

Left: Goofy and silly
Right: Sweet and pretty

Left: Thai gigolo (in disguise), but later becomes a cop.
Right: Businessman

Picture courtesy of www

Comparing them makes me laugh :P

Anyways, Twitter's Threadless (learnt about it from Wilson) makes the best tees which are sooo cool :D I love shirts with logical text! Not like those you see in markets and pasar malam which makes no sense at all.
Check them out:
"Meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder."
"Everything I touch turns to nerd."
"I may or may not be an indecisive person."
"Some people are spoiled, don't eat them."
So creative!

Also, I have made more Glee icons! Will post them next time.

I'm having a new label, called 'Prayers' :)

I really pray that God guides me through Form 4. I'm having trouble with Add Maths. Thank God I have 'Daddy' Saw to teach me :P But I am also very mm hou yi si loh, because I keep disturbing her! She must be cursing me under her breath XD

Also pray that God bless those in Haiti...

I can't wait for CNY!

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