2009 Christmas wishlist

Saturday, November 28, 2009

This is my official Christmas list :D
I love making lists of things I want. LOL.

Carmen's 2009 Christmas wishlist

1. Nike+ shoes

AHHHH :D! But the thing is I don't even know whether I would have time to use the Nike+Apple application for exercise. LOL I don't even exercise! But I want the shoes so much!

2. Blackberry

I really want an iPhone 3GS instead, but everyone has an iPhone! I like to be different. So I'd rather have a Blackberry, but I heard they are good anyways. I just don't know how long I will take to get used to the tiny keypads.

3. iPod Touch Charger Adaptor

Haha I know la, nothing much. But, I need it! Instead of always having to turn on the computer to charge my iPod, I can charge it without turning it on by using the adaptor!

4. Affogato

It's an Italian coffee! I saw it in Gardens the other day. I wanted to try it! Unfortunately, didn't have time to get it..

5. Nintendo Wii

I love the sports games. Can also exercise with this! So cool.

6. Nintendo DSi

I can't believe they released the Nintendo DSi a year after I bought the Nintendo DS. That's the problem about technology! Gets updated all the time!
I wrote a previous post about how upset I was that my Nintendo DS is outdated.

7. Padini Authentics bag

I don't really have a picture of it.. but it's nice :D\

8. A new laptop/netbook/computer

I currently don't know what I model/brand I want.

9. Olympus PEN

A DSLR, but digital camera size. I saw some pics which were taken by it, and they were so nice :O!

10. Sony Ericsson W910

Joanne Sim has it! Haha I played it! And I accidentally dropped it too. I felt guilty the whole day, I think I still feel guilty!
It was really Wii-like.

11. Nikon Coolpix S1000pj

The world's first projector camera. So cool, you can show everyone your pictures on the spot! And Nikon Coolpix cameras are user-friendly :)

Currently can't think of anymore. I will update/edit the list when something comes to my mind.

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