Life is like a game of baseball.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life is like a game of baseball. You are the ball, while the batter is the obstacles and challenges in life. You'll probably be able to guess who the owner is.

The game has just started. You think you're invincible, the players are probably just a bunch of amateur baseball players. They won't be able to hit you.
The pitcher throws a fastball and the batter swung too late. "STRIKE 1!"
The batter swung his bat too early this time. "STRIKE 2!"
This time, the batter squares his shoulders before his stands in position. The pitcher throws you with all his might. Unexpectedly, the batter hits you, the swing sends you across, and then out of the field. It's a home run. The spectators cheer at the successful hit.

You on the other hand, land at a cold, dark, lonely alley. You're at the corner of the dumpster, feeling abandoned, wondering how the heck the batter could have hit you, you were totally caught off guard. "I'm never gonna get back in the game", you think. You can't move, you can't roll or bounce your way back, you are immobile. You feel as if there is nothing you can do, you feel useless and hopeless.

However, not long after, someone walks into the alley. It's your owner! He rummages through the dumpster although it smells fetid and VERY unpleasant.

You feel a surge of joy and hope.

He stops rummaging and catches sight of you. "There you are!" He exclaims and then picks you up. He brushes off the dirt on you and smiles - He's glad that He has found you. You may be a bit filthy and wet from the puddle of water you just bounced in and the dirty path you travelled, but you are not severely damaged or broken to the point where you're unmendable. He holds you tight in His hand, never letting you go. You can sense the warmth in his clutch from the body heat emitted, you feel safe and comfortable.
As He walks back to the field, He tosses you in the air a bit but He catches you everytime. He does not toss you too high so that you don't bounce off into darkness and oblivion.

And before you know it, you're back in the game, ready for another swing of the bat. This time, you do not underestimate the batter. You may even feel a bit fearful and worried. "Will the batter hit me so hard, I may be lost forever?"
Then you remind yourself, that your owner will surely pick you up again... everytime you get hit out of the field until the long game finally ends... where you'll be kept in His home. No, not locked away in a drawer or hid under the bed where light can't reach you and you will be engulfed in darkness and probably forgotten. Far from that.

Instead, you will be seated on the top of the drawer where He can see you. You look around the place you are at. It's cozy and peaceful. You are far away from the reality of the game and there are no more cruel batters in sight. No more being hit, no more being dirty, no more spectators who cheer and clap because you were hit.
You are definitely in a better place. He's so proud of you, you're His prized possession.

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