Nostalgia #1: PMR results

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My first 'Nostalgia' post.

Her eyes were completely bloodshot from the sleepless nights she had. The reason why she could not sleep, was because of the imaginary butterflies that were fluttering violently in her stomach, causing her to toss and turn at night.

She reached the end of the line, observing everyone in front of her. They were all wearing the same expression as her, a nervous one. The girls were chirping away like birds while the boys were patting each other on their backs and shaking hands. Carmen knew this was a gesture of moral support and encouragement, they were wishing each other good luck.

"Carmen!" her friend who was also named Carmen (with a differnt surname, Hor) called from the front of the line. "Come here!"
Carmen C was reluctant to move from her safe position at the back. She was perfectly fine behind, knowing that she still had quite some time before reaching the desk in front. But she dragged herself to the front, not wanting to disrespect her friend. She could see Amanda Law waving to her at the same place Carmen H was from afar.

"So, are you nervous?" Carmen H said while poking the other Carmen's arm playfully.
"Of course! I think everyone is." Carmen C replied with a sigh after that. Both of them knew that it was soon going to be their turn to receive our result slips.
"Why not you go first?"
"Oh no! I don't want to go first!"
"Im scared! I dont want to take it first!"
"So am I! Please, i dont want to go first."

But after thinking it over for a while... Carmen C thought that she should admit defeat in their argument and go first. Besides, the faster she got her result, the faster her nightmare will end.

"Fine, I'll go first." she stated wearing a smirk on her face.
Just when she spoke her last word, the person in front of her walked, her hands cupping her whole face, HOLDING THE RESULT SLIP. She seems to be sobbing...

The person in front of her already received the slip. It didn't take her long enough to know that she was the next person to receive the slip. When she meant that she wanted the whole thing to end quick, she didn't mean for it to be THAT quick!

As she extended her hand to grab the slip, she shut her eyes rapidly. She wanted to escape from the position and situation she was in right now, but she knew it was obviously impossible unless she had the power to time-travel. She opened one of her eyes as she felt the thin-ness of the slip. There was no turning back, the only option she had was to open her eyes and face the music.

"Congratulations, Sze Ern!" her form teacher exclaimed in Malay.
Surprised with her teacher's outburst, she looked down on to the slip in her hand.

She saw her name first, then her eyes scrolled down to the list of subjects. BM - A, BI - A, and everything else was A as well. She couldn't believe her eyes! Were they deceiving her? She pinched herself hard to make sure that it was not a blissful dream. She pinched herself several times and nothing happened.

This must be real. To her disbelief, she achieved straight As! Her eyes twinkled and there was nothing else in her face other than joy.

Carmen jumped into the air and strided with confidence towards her parents to show that their daughter did not dissapoint them this time. On the way, she heard word of congratulations which were all drowned in her mixed feelings.

"How the heck did she manage to achieve such results?" she thought to herself. Part of her thinking was also influenced by the low self-confidence in herself. Moreover, she remembered answering quite a number of questions incorrectly! Carmen was so ready to return home with a devastated face, showing sign of defeat. Until she saw the slip.

While basking in the after glow, a group of friends crowded around her and endlessly asked the same question that was asked to them and to those who knew their results already, "How many As did you get?!"

Carmen smiled from ear to ear, and that was enough to show her friends that she achieved success. No words were needed to show that the girl who never thought she would get straight As, eventually got it.

At that point, she knew. It was the work of God. Only He could make this possible. It was to her, a memorable miracle.

After all the asking and answering, her family (excluding her mother) drove to their favourite fish base noodles restaurant :)
Quite some things were not true and exaggerated btw. But well, it kinda happened like that.
Oh btw, Twitter is an exception to my semi-hiatus because it only takes seconds to tweet xD

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