Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Yes, I'm minimizing my computer usage because I don't think I did very well for my last exam.

I won't be using the internet as often!

1. Pray that I can improve in my studies!
2. Pray that I am more motivated to practice my piano because I'm having my piano grade 7 exam soon and I don't even know my notes :X I still have dynamics, expression etc to work on!
3. Pray that I also am more motivated to practice Taekwando, because my black belt exam will be soon as well. I'm more worried about my piano though.
4. Pray that more people will come to S.O.A.R sessions (1.30PM [Time may differ] @ Cheras Baptist Church)! It's a youth thing ;)
5. Pray for the counselors and organizers of the coming youth camp, AWAKENING. Pray that the response will be good.
6. I'm trying to sleep early, so pray that I will have the self-control to resist the temptation of sleeping late.
7. Also trying to be a more healthy person! Need to build stamina and improve cardiovascular fitness.. need to lose weight too. Pray that I have more motivation to exercise and eat less.
8. ALSO trying to improve myself (mentally). Need to be less careless and reckless, need to be more hardworking and less lazy, need to be able to withstand any challenges that come my way and accept them as one of the many trials of life.
9. I'm being more organized! By organizing my music library in iTunes. Trying to find the artworks and albums of the songs. It's hard work, because I have 2000+ songs XD


Oh, I'm so happy that Merbau and Lembaga Pengawas won the overall for Sports Day! Gosh, I got the best of both worlds :P

I have cultivated the interest of reading! I mean, I liked reading ever since I was born (kinda), but lately I have liked reading A WHOLE LOT MORE. I like that.

Pic credits: internet.
I have finished reading 4/5 novels of the Percy Jackson series! The last one: The Last Olympian. That one is a must-read. Rick Riordan is a very good writer. His books can be hilarious and suspenseful at the same time, which makes it very interesting to read. Aww, so sad that this is the last book of the series :(

I had a lot to say, but I kinda forgot, so I'll stop here :)

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