Friday, April 2, 2010

Prefects in school are like police in the country. We control the discipline of the school and help whoever needs help.

No prefect is perfect, no matter how much the school wants us to be. But we try our best.

Well I attended a prefect leadership course @ SAB! Got to meet new friends from other schools! Convent Jalan Peel, Sains Selangor etc... The best thing was that I saw lots of SKTS & MC friends! Crystal, Wai Kit, Shawn, Melvyn, Kar Yan, Xi Yuan, Yin Siew, Yi Ning, Joshua & Jolynn ;) You people rock man.

Sorry I ruined the picture with my weird smile guys. LOL I may look like I'm forced to take the picture, but it's not true :P CONNAUGHT & MUTIARA UNITE (:

Pearly (SMK Seri Mutiara) prefects!

I'd like to tell about my traumatic incident :\

There was this teacher who was asking us to do all this weird (but, fun) cheers and shouts. And while we were doing it, this other old, pervert-looking teacher, he suddenly sticks a pink round sticker on my blazer. Xue Ling and Yuen Sie got it too. We all thought that maybe we're gonna get called out to play some games or answer some questions (I shudder at the thought of that). Then some St. Gabriel prefects sitting in front of us told that we were gonna get a prize, which I doubted from the second the idea popped up from his mouth. The sticker was not a good thing, that I was sure.

And then he took over the mic, and called us with the stickers to stand up. A few 'lucky' people from a few 'lucky' schools stood up including us. He kept scolding us saying that we talked when the other teacher was talking in front. "How are you going to be good prefects?!", "Bringing shame to your school!" "Not worthy of being a prefect" bla bla bla etc... I was at the peak of my neuroticism because, I was so embarrassed. No one in the hall dared talk anymore after that.

Then we were suppose to draw out our assembly plan, where the prefects and students were positioned in the assembly. I tell you, I had no more mood to do anything anymore. I kinda disliked him already. Of course lah, right? Who would like a teacher that just punished them?

Around half an hour later he told the whole hall that he purposely sticked those pink stickers on us to 'memusnahkan' us, so that we can 'save' the rest of the prefects. In human terms, he meant that we didn't make any noise, he just used as a sacrificial lamb to keep the rest of prefects quiet.


Thank God we didn't get into any real trouble though.

APPRECIATE YOUR SCHOOL'S PREFECTS! The good ones, not the bad lazy ones of course.
We go through a lot of hardship to keep the school in control ok?

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