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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dr. Job has really helped me a lot on picking my future course. Unfortunately, it didn't help enough. I'm still facing career crisis.

Here are a few which I have kinda chosen from the 'A-Z Explained Jobs' guide book. Excerpts are also taken from the book.

Criminologist - Studies the behavioural patterns of criminals and the effects of their actions on their victims, the community and the law. Examine the systems that bring to justice the people accused of crimes, attempt to explain the reasons behind criminal behaviour and suggest ways to reduce crime.
Communications Officer - Generally responsible for maintaining and establishing the image that his or her firm wishes to present to the public.
Paediatrician - Doctor specializing in children. I love children and babies! :D
Event Planner - Responsible for planning and coordinating all aspects of an event. Being a wedding planner would be nice. You get to see the bride and groom being so happy and so in love!
Flight Attendant - a.k.a Air stewardess. It's fun being able to travel countries all around the world. But I can certainly imagine myself getting motion sickness on almost every flight. LOL.
Forensic Science - Use scientific methods and techniques to examine trace materials associated with crimes to assist legal investigations. COOL. But currently, I'm not really enjoying chemistry, and Forensic Science is all about chemistry!
Marine biologist - Study the origin, structure, functions and behaviour of living organisms in oceans, their relationships with each other and how they are affected by environmental factors. I like swimming, which is advantageous :)
Meteorologist - Forecast daily weather and study the atmosphere to improve understanding of the changing climate.
Physiotherapist - Assessing, treating and preventing disorders in human movement caused by injury and disease. Help patients with injures to regain/improve the use of their limbs. Can you imagine how cool it would be to help people learn to move again? :)
Speech therapist - Help people overcome communication disorders. Same as being a physiotherapist, wouldn't it be nice to help people learn to talk again? Or help deaf and blind babies learn to speak? I find these two (physio and speech therapists) jobs very 'mulia' (noble?).

Oh, pray that God will guide me with my decision-making because it's good to start knowing what you want to do (in the future) early so that you can work towards it ASAP.

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