A sigh of relief, a breath of fresh air

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Well it's not exactly time to breathe a sigh of relief now, because the right time would be when the school holidays arrive!

But I'm probably not gonna post for a long time after posting this because I'm so tired.

Note that the content in this post are absolutely random XD It can go from A to Z to M again. I'm just crapping.

Exams were okay, except for Add Math. Oh, how I wish I studied earlier for my Add Math paper 2, because I am confident that if I revised more, I could have got higher marks. So I revised more for paper 1 and I didn't face as much difficulty in answering the questions as I did in paper 2. DARN IT.

Officially, Biology is my favourite Science subject. Chemistry has too much mole calculation (oh, don't get me started with the periodic table) and Physics with all the formulas which I never seem to be able to remember. I don't detest the other 2 (chem and physics), but I would prefer to study Bio if I were to choose between the 3.

I like the blue sky. And the fluffy white clouds. After I answered all my questions and checked the answers, I just like to stare at the sky and the clouds.

There are too many camps this year. Youth camp, church boot camp and prefects camp. Don't get me wrong, I like camps. Except prefects camp. No offense :P

If I'm going to be rich in the future (I wish I am!), I'm going to be a part-time world traveler. Travel to every corner and end of the earth! Starting from Europe :)

My love for American series has rekindled! I'm loving Glee, Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy right now. Big Bang Theory and HIMYM comes next. Thank God for torrents XD

I love that Rachel is about to find out who her mom is on Glee! They both look super alike. Glee is so lucky to have two people who look almost the same and can sing so well. Perfect cast for mother and daughter storyline.
And the songs are getting better and better! Safety Dance, Can't Touch This, I Dreamed a Dream, A House is not a Home... great songs.

I made A LOT of icons lately. Glee, Modern Family & Grey's Anatomy icons :D I'll post them up another time. Constructive comments are welcomed!

I need some place to regurgitate (in a good way) what I just watched last night (season 6 Grey's Anatomy finale). Here's the right place.
This is almost the end of my blog post. So, you can stop reading if you don't want to know any spoilers for Grey's Anatomy season 6 finale or you're just not interested in Grey's Anatomy.
You may not understand what I am writing/typing about cause I felt like I was just babbling and crapping.
I felt like God wanted me to watch the finale THAT night. Internet speed was miraculously faster than usual so I got to finish downloading both eps in one day! And there were lots of seeds and leechers, which helped. Okay, on with GA...

Grey's Anatomy finale was epic. It didn't live up to my expectations BUT it was good. It was thrilling, full of suspense and a bit scary. I shall recap because I'm currently watching it and blogging at the same time. At the same time, I'll state who the victims are. And when I mean victims, it doesn't mean they're dead, just... shot. The shooter is Mr. Clark, guy who wanted to sue Derek. I (and Pan, another Grey's fan!) knew it was it him!
Victim no. 1 - Reed died. Shot right in the head. I didn't really like her anyways.
Victim no. 2 - Alex got shot around the armpit area (LOL) and didn't die, obviously. They can't kill him off. Mark and Lexie saved him, which I find ironic because Lexie is like torn between Mark and Alex.
V no.3 - Unknown nurse.
V no.4 - Charles died. I kinda liked his character because his character wasn't forced in our faces like some of the others. He didn't get as much screen time as the other Mercy West-ers (I mean in the whole season). What he said before he died was sad :(
"You were always my favourite doctor, I thought you should know" was his last words to Bailey. Everything about his death was sad.
V no.5 - Derek got shot in the chest. Well the whole purpose of Mr. Clark shooting everyone is to get to Derek so that he can kill him. Cristina did a badass surgery on him at gunpoint! And he lived, obviously. They wouldn't kill Derek off. Duh.
What Mer said to the shooter about shooting her instead was REALLY touching. The sad song in the background didn't help at all.
V no.6 - Owen got shot in the shoulder. He took one for the team. He took the bullet for Cris and Mer (and indirectly, everyone else in the OR). He tried to attack the shooter, but the shooter was faster than him. Battlefield bravado indeed.
Meredith saved him WHILE having a miscarriage. That was heartbreaking :( Imagine finding out you were pregnant and had a miscarriage on the same day.
Ooo, I loved it when Cristina called out Owen's name when she was at gunpoint and Owen said "I'm here". Showed that she really needed him :) And when Owen got shot, Cris was asking Mer whether he was dead... that was sad, because I thought he probably died. Phew!

Ahhh, so Owen chose Cristina over Teddy which is a big relief for shippers. Okay, now I don't hate Teddy's guts that much anymore :P No more love triangle!
At first he safely got out of the hospital with Teddy but went back in to save Cristina.
Owen to shooter, "That is the woman I love. You shoot her, you touch her, and I will kill you!". Wow :O

I'm ecstatic that Callie and Arizona are back together! I knew they would get back together (in your face, Pan :P). They can't stay away from each other. Hehe, so they're gonna have kids :D
"I can't live without you and our 10 kids" rofl!
And Arizona said to the shooter, "They're only children here". That was so cool.

I'd like to say that Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson and Michael O'Neill delivered a brilliant performance. The tears and the fear felt so real..

I am really really curious on what Shonda has in store for us in season 7! Can't wait!

Read this if you want to know what fans were asking after watching the finale and Shonda's answers to those questions.
Exclusive: 'Grey's Anatomy' boss answers your burning season finale questions
by Michael Ausiello

Well, that's it I think.

That's it for today. Till next time!

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