Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I plan to improve myself from now on. Those results of mine really gave me a huge shock. I can't continue being like this! I'm a failure :(
But as you know, I'm a complete happy-go-lucky person.. even when I'm sad, half a day later I'll be as happy as I was yesterday!

Emm other than that.. I really enjoyed jaga-ing the choir competition in school :P Haha.. such an inside joke man!

Folios and projects are piling up like mad, and I'm suppose to pass up my Geo folio this Friday!! I'm only @ Kawasan Kajian some more..

Exam next week ahhhh... I can't believe 2 weeks after Intervensi 2, diagnostik is here. And we have extra classes after school almost everyday! I hate PMR, I wonder how much I will hate SPM.

I have been catching up with all those expensive brands' (Hermes, Versace, Chanel etc..) products these few months.. I have become so materialistic nowadays, I have a feeling that I'll be like this for the rest of my life (which is not cheap).. so you'll never catch me with China-branded clothes ever again (I hope) :P Haha nvm, this will motivate me to study harder and succeed in the future to buy these wonderful stuff anyways!
The next time I have internet, I'll show you some things I got attracted to. The materialistic side of me has finally shown itself.

Oh, really enjoyed Ivy (and Daniel!)'s birthday party :P I can't post it on Facebook cause of some complications so I'll post up the vids here. Next time.

Orchestra pics! Feli has been nagging about it :D

Joanne and Wilfred was there!

Joanne and Felicity..

Felicity and Phoebe.

Phoebe @ Madam Kwan's

KLCC! I take wan you know!

Phoebe, Feli, me after the performance.. Aww wanted to take with Joanne but she went home already.

Joanne, Phoebe, Feli and me before the performance

I'll reply tags the next time I come on again.. which will not be soon I'm guessing.
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