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Monday, May 18, 2009

Priceless. (4 years ago)
Qinny (Queenie)'s sickness will be ok, Phoebe will be a professional in Runescape, Sophia will not have love problems, Carmen will not talk so much, Rachel will not be jealous of her bro, Fui Li will talk more, and Carmen ? to be an expert in Runescape.

Sims 3 is gonna be released on June 2nd (in America)! Don't know when it'll be released in Southeast Asia, but I hope it's soon.
Have Facebook? Play SimSocial (something like Sims 3, made by the creators of Sims 3!). But I just played it.. and you can't visit any location, you control everything with your 'phone'. Cheh..
Oh, I also have a Sims 3 countdown at the sidebar.. counting down the seconds to the release!

Tomorrow's 1st day of Diagnostik.. I seriously hope I get satisfying results this time.


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