The Other Boleyn Girl.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I get so hyped up after watching movies! Most of the time, I don't know which one is a good or bad movie. I like them all!
The Other Boleyn Girl has Scarlet Johanssan and Natalie Portman in it, which is an absolute plus :D! I really like them. Great actresses.. Natalie Portman should have got nominated for some award for this.
Also, that movie got me interested in England history.
Ahh.. I also love sibling rivalry related movies! Especially sisters :D

Poor Anne Boleyn. But it's all because of her own doing. Who ask her go seduce the king and play hard to get so that the king would want her more? And then she kena 'zam tao' (pancung kepala) because she was being guilty of treason, incest (EEW) and adultery which she all did not do if I'm not mistaken. But that's what I got from Wikipedia and the movie, unreliable sources. But probably almost the same lah.
Mary Boleyn on the other hand, was still so kind to Anne even after she betrayed her. Anne stole the king from Mary. The king didn't even want Mary anymore, eventhough she bore him a son! All because of the seductive Anne :P She gave Anne a shoulder to cry on when Anne was a stressed queen. Good sister :)
The incest thing is o.O But luckily it never happened lah.

Conclusion, it was worth the 2 hours because at least I learned something (I just found out that Anne Boleyn is Queen Elizabeth's mother). You know lah, I'm so cetek pengetahuan and katak di bawah tempurung and all. But, the movie's kinda awkward, minutes were a year.. so much happened in 2 hours.

Oh yeah, my cousins' are here! Well one went home, but the other is still here :)
I whistle fine, woman.

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