First day of school in 2009.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Today.. was not a very good first day of school.. Basically cause there's homework :P I have a karangan (Malay essay), I'm suppose to draw a pictorial map of Malaysia and do Science notes. And I got a relief paper some more (I'm suppose to take care of a class cause the teacher isn't in, prefect stuff :P)! What can be worst?

Not only that, I was surprised with the subject teachers list. And also the class teacher. She's not a very ideal class teacher obviously. I shall say no more about her!
The class teacher spent 2 periods (1 hour 10 mins) talking about the other subject teachers, telling us our schedule, nominating class monitor etc...

Then reccess, YAY I'm not on patrol today! Don't need to jaga kantin, or ronda blok xD Everyone wanted to borrow coins to call their parents to come pick them up @ 1.10PM (the new time, usually it's 1.50PM). Yes! Get to go home 40 minutes earlier this year (unless there's extra classes which will be held soon).

Science was normal, the teacher was my Form 1 Science teacher :P She never fails to make me feel.. awkward. And she was giving notes, on the first day! Ahhh well.. and then she was asking Form 1 and 2 Science questions. I, got the first blow.
Teacher: Sze Ern, give me an example of an element. I teach you form 1, don't say you forget ah.
Me: Ehhh... copper? "Wait, is copper an element?!" asks Yoong.
Teacher: You sure? Copper is an element?
Me: Ahhh.. yeah. Copper. *not sure and panicking*
Teacher: OK correct. Good, sit down.
Me: *Sighs and sits down*
Scared me half to death.

BM (Bahasa Melayu).. had to go relief a class (2E), had a chat with Serene and new friend, Francisco Pier Png something something. LOL.. he was very funny. He was boasting about how he was related to Pierre Png (Phua Chu Beng from Phua Chu Kang) and how he met Harvard University's director. And then he said if I got straight As for PMR, he would give me a Swiss watch (which was more expensive that his 'RM2000+ watch' -.-"). WHAT?! But I had fun :P Then Mr. Chee and Chew passed by, everyone went back to their seats, I stood up and pretended to REALLY take care of the class + Ivan also.

Then went back to class, the BM teacher was talking about how the students last time would fight to help the teachers hold the books, and she compares it to now.. THEN... *drum rolls*... she gives us an essay. Write our experience of our first day in school. ARGH. But hantar minggu depan :P Then she was talking about PMR, which made me very very extremely sleepy..

Geography.. the teacher gave us homework.. draw Malaysian pictorial map. Have to draw landmark and stuff like that. And then she drew trees in Perak.. Have to pass up tomorrow. After that, she left us alone, and it was obvious we weren't gonna do it in class, cause we didn't know how to! So everyone started chatting away, Feli and Yoong was singing Rihanna and T.I.'s Live Your Life. No offence but I hate that song xD And then someone had mole removal :P LOL nvm.

Hope the people involved in my post aren't reading this!!

But other than all those bad stuff, God has blessed me with time during recess so that I can eat my nasi lemak... and that funny chat with Serene and Francisco.. and more time to finish my homework.
Yeah, so anyways, that's my first day of school. It's 5:10PM now, Pastor coming in 40 mins to pick me up, AND I HAVE NOT DONE ANY OF MY HOMEWORK YET. And I'm not allowed to use the computer at night now.. sooo.. this the best time to do the pictorial map. LOL! OK, ciao people! Hope your first day of school was.. good :]


The sun'll come out tomorrow, so ya gotta hang on till tomorrow, COME WHAT MAY!

No time to reply tags, tomorrow I shall!

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