PASSION Kuala Lumpur!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Passion KL was so so so so so so awesome!!!!! I really really miss last night.
It was one of the best nights I had! I think it IS the best night i've ever had! It was held @ the Sunway Convention Center.
I was singing, screaming & jumping my heart out! Felt so free xD
I have no idea why I cried. It was just too emotional! It was probably when I pondered upon the songs' lyrics. Very meaningful :)

We had to wait at the escalator, we had to wait at the entrance as well. waited for about a few hours, but the waiting was so worth it!
Sung lots of songs! Sing, Sing, Sing, Amazing Grace (Chris Tomlin version), Indescribable, Jesus Messiah, Mighty To Save, Marvelous Light etc.
Sadly, our group was kind of like separated, but at least we still could see each other cause we weren't so far away from each other.

Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall (& their team) and Louie Giglio was there :] They didn't even look tired! Especially Louie. ARGH I regretted not bringing a camera. But Andrea took lots of pictures and videos. I'll just wait for hers and post them up another time!

Louie's sermon.. once again touched hearts! Especially when he read from Ashley's journal. Now she's in heaven with God :]

AND they were selling albums & T-shirts. The T-shirt was so niceee! I wanted to buy but it's RM60. I didn't even have RM1!! I didn't know I would buy something there. The shirt was so nice! SERIOUSLY!

So far, I have these pictures from 268blog (the official Passion blog):

i'm probably somewhere behind there :]

Charlie Hall!

WOO-HOO! Look at the people!



picture courtesy of Cheryl:


me while waiting in line at the entrance.

picture courtesy of Kai Seng:

I'm there sucking on my lollipop!

the blog entry on Passion KL received 215 comments from last night till now (3:05 pm), that's awesome! God really made this event very very successful.

They should come again some time! But I got sick and am now having fever. The concert must've been too 'high'. But I don't mind :) I had a great time! It would be so nice if all of them (Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Charlie Hall, Matt Redman etc) came! Very grateful at least they had their world tour here in KL! I'll be praying for Jakarta! They will definitely have a great time like we did :) To God be all the glory. God bless them throughout the whole tour!

oh! and i got a new header :D
i'll reply tags later! currently too sick to reply them.

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