Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last night in tuition, Miss Loo was talking about genital mutiliation in tuition last night. It was DISGUSTING! But, it is something we should be aware about. It happens to ALL girls in Somalia, where it's a tradition.
(read at own risk!)
There's also all kinds of abuse in the world! Such as physical, sexual, mental abuse. and I'm free from them.

I'm very grateful that God did not put me in some country like Somalia, or a home where abuse is present.
I'm grateful he even gave me a home to live in, clothes to wear, food to eat, books to read, TV to watch, money to spend etc
I'm also grateful to have such an awesome Heavenly father like God, who protects me and guides me in whatever I do. Most importantly, He died on the cross to save me. And rose again :]


  1. whoa. yeah it shows how much our world needs a Saviour

  2. Yea.. sometimes we don't realize about it and we just keep on complaining and complaining.. and all the more we need to tell the world about Him..


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