I just found out cooking isn't easy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today had cooking competition in school. GOSH i thought it was easy, just cooking mee goreng! What can possibly be so hard?! Ahh.. that's where I went wrong.

I was in a team with Joanne & Goh! Both of them look so pro in cooking. Goh asked me to peel the garlic and I peeled them so slowly (it's actually because I don't know how to peel garlic skin). Slicing chicken! I got the chicken on the chopping board and wanted to slice it already, but didn't know how to slice. So Joanne took over. Then there's also slicing chili, which I also can't do. I can't even open a new bottle of thick soya sauce! Then I asked Pn. Chong and she scolded me saying I follow her in ERT, why can't I open it. Aiyayai. She didn't even teach us how to open new bottles of thick soya sauce!

I only had to stir fry the mee and help decorate the end results of our mee goreng. And it actually tasted pretty good :) Just needed a bit more chili sauce. Pan, Jen Ying & Man Ling made their mee goreng look like.. spaghetti. IT'S MEE GORENG, NOT SPAGHETTI :P! It was definitely a fun experience. Very tensed, but nice!

Geografi folio haven't finished yet.. deadline on Friday. Seni kerja mingguan, deadline Thursday morning (which reminds me of the Petrosains school trip!!!!). SIGH so much to do, so little time. GOD HELP ME!

Also watching Moonlight Resonance. I'm on episode 5. So grateful to the person who uploaded alot of the episodes on CR. THANK YOU! The show's very interesting! Still can't say whether Heart of Greed is better though.

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