The Room 隱形鬥室

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I find the overall story and lesson behind the gospel movie, The Room quite meaningful and it tells us of how amazing God's love is!

Jesus Christ is standing right outside and knocking on the door everyday. If anyone is willing to let Jesus and His love in, He can brighten up the darkest corners of the room to enable you to see the exit.

YES HE CAN! He doesn't only brighten up the dark corners, He will also guide you after the exit. Guide you in things which you're confused, depressed or worried in.

We will shine like stars in the universe, holding out His truth in the darkest place, we live for His glory. We will burn so bright with His praise and declare His light to this broken world. We give you our lives :) [adapted from Shine - Matt Redman]

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