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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I've been to my fair share of Chinese weddings, of those I have never even met before, but I have never felt such joy and happiness for the bride and groom as much as I felt for the one I attended today.

Not only has my cousin seen me grow up from since I was a baby, I have seen her grow up too. From a teenager, to a wife. The best thing I love about her is that she is generous because she treats us to meals sometimes. Lol, joking of course :P The real best thing I love about her is that she's a considerate person. She cares for people, and she cares for the feelings of her loved ones. She is beautiful too. Just look at her.

Isn't she? And today, she's tying her life to the one she wishes to spend the rest of her life with. I could not have been more happy for her. I could feel the palpable joy of friends and family around the house as well.

The morning of the wedding was pretty calm, as everyone just sat around chatting, while my cousin had her make up and hair done. My auntie, her mother, showed silent love and endearment. She's not the kind of woman who would boast about her daughter or would cry hysterically. She is quite discreet with her feelings, and seeing her watch my cousin get her make up done and seeing her smile made me feel even more emotional.

My cousin has true good friends. The ones who will help you no matter what, keep your secrets or lend you a shoulder to cry on... I assume. Because by their actions, I can see that they are. They bought a special, expensive cake which my cousin liked all the way from Malacca. Well yeah it's not that far away, but hey, it's the thought and sentiment that counts, right? And my oh my, that was a very delicious cake!


As the Scottish and African people have their wacky wedding traditions and rituals, us Asians also have a few tricks up our sleeves. It is a Chinese wedding custom (at least in our country, not sure about other Chinese) for the groom and his troop of brothers (meaning his good friends) to pass through a series of obstacles and tests. And because my cousin's so awesome, she also has awesome friends/cousins who she asked to become her bridesmaids. I see her ji muis preparing for ways to torture the groom and his friends to make sure the groom is worthy enough to claim his bride.

Preparing the stuff for the obstacles
I was one of the first outside, waiting with the ji muis for the men. All her ji muis are so pretty! They're pretty sly too for coming up with the games. I think after this all of us will know not to mess with them and watch our backs.

"Don't show any mercy."

It was a time of anxiousness and anticipation when the heng dais came! I was watching the elevator display slowly rising to the 7th floor, which is where we are. It seemed like everyone was holding their breath. The slow descent of the elevator finally came to a stop, and out came the brothers.

The hing dais backing up their brother.
The brothers had their own chant and you could see how enthusiastic they were to help their friend get his bride. But, their enthusiasm was short-lived. First up, the guys had to wear ridiculous outfits made by the bridesmaids themselves: black and green rubbish bags and panties, which spelled "Nobody but U". Nope, the groom was not left out either.

Next, one of the ji muis were holding a covered platter. Hmmm, what was under that cover we wondered? One of the hing dais jokingly said if it was shit, he wasn't eating it. Well, he totally jinxed it because guess what was under the cover:

"Okay I'm saying this first - I'm not eating that if it's shit."
Oh, shit.
"What the crap is this?!"
Yup, it was POO. Edible unreal poo, of course.
They had to eat a mix of chocolate and wasabi from a baby's diaper. A BABY'S DIAPER. It did look like poo though. I saw them preparing it at 9.30am XD

Then, they were forced to eat fruits (blindfolded!) from their partner's face.

However, that was only just the beginning. The next game required 4 of the hing dais to do push ups where they pass ping pong balls to the person next to them, only with their mouths. AND the ping pong balls are covered with whipped cream. Sounds like an easy feat? Well, you're wrong. It was gross.

"Push ups? I can do that with one hand."

Eewww. You could see dripping saliva and sweat mixed together on the floor with patches of whipped cream. Yes, I just involuntarily shuddered at the thought. It's not easy to get to the bride huh

After that, one of the brothers had to eat a banana, which was in between the groom's legs O_O

Now, I have never seen that before. Clearly this group of ladies are very modern and unafraid/oblivious of the future lectures that will be brought upon them by the older generation. And I saw two small kids excluding my 12 year old brother who was also in the audience, watching the man gobble and gorge a banana from in between the groom's legs. Early sex education for the kids? :P

Then they had to drink some green concoction the girls whipped up. The brothers were very reluctant to drink the green thing because it smelled so darn bad! But they did it anyways, because otherwise the groom wouldn't get to claim his bride! I think there were a few other games I missed like them eating cherry tomatoes filled with wasabi. I went in my cousin's room to show her the pictures of her future husband and his brothers suffering the wrath of the sisters. She looked at the pictures with a smirk on her face. But I went out in time to see another sexually implied activity, where the brothers had to tie a string with a banana tied to the end of the string to their hips, and another brother had to eat the banana. Really, these girls like bananas and are pretty horny lol.

The brothers had to do other stuff like sing a random song (they chose to sing Negaraku LOL) and the groom had to read something pasted on the door and kiss the poster to express his love for her or something like that. The last game, was that the groom had to choose a number from a list of handphone numbers to call, and the bride will answer the phone of the right number. After calling several numbers, alas, he called the right number, and was granted permission to enter the bedroom.

She was sitting at the foot of the bed, with the white veil covering her face, waiting for her Prince Charming. They exchanged rings, and sealed their love with a kiss. Or two (for the cameras :P). It was funny and a little awkward because there were children behind them while they were kissing and that made us all grin.

Then we moved on to the tea ceremony and photo taking session. It was indeed a memorable and jubilant moment all in all for everyone.

Wedding dinner went swell too. My uncle and cousins from Ipoh joined us for the dinner this time.

Ah Mei jie jie asked me to perform on the wedding dinner night a few months back but I declined because hey, I have SPM and I'm not good enough to be performing live in front of everyone on such an auspicious and grand occasion. But the people who performed that night were very very good, so it's a good thing she didn't make me perform, phew!

Pretty ji muis!

Two gorgeous mother-in-laws
Cheeky Christopher
Ahhh cute baby who's dressed up like Snow White!
I love me some roasted pig.
They had those grand entrances where the bride and groom entered the room with melodious song. They sang, "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You".

Oh, and her dress is stunning. Sooo beautiful.

Ah Yong gorgor (or at least that's what I call him), is genuinely a really nice guy.

I remember accompanying my cousin and Ah Yong gorgor to Genting because AY would have to attend some event and me and my cousin would walk around. She spotted a keychain that she liked, but for some reason I forgot why she didn't get it. Well, he secretly got it for her and gave it to her at the end of the trip. I don't know how he managed to do that, but from then on I knew how much they loved each other :) How sweet is that? He's good-hearted, humble, respectful to elders and considerate like my cousin as far as I know him. He doesn't look too bad either ;) He's lucky to have my cousin as his wife and vice versa. Where can you find guys like these nowadays, right? Seeing the people I know being so happy and in love with their significant others fill me with emotion.

My cousin is married! She's a wife! How odd is that LOL.

Well, all in all, I'm truly happy for the both of them :)

I pray that God bless and guide them through this journey of marriage. <3

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