Rant: Another dog? Really?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Before you start reading my rant, have you noticed any changes to my blog?

If you were observant enough (not like anyone reads my blog, let alone looks around), you would have noticed the tagboard is gone! Yes, it's the spammers' fault. Whether it is a robot or a human, I cannot take their incessant, fake messages on my cbox so I took it away. My gosh, they are annoying. So, if you'd like to leave a message, contact me through FB, Twitter or just leave me a comment.

Also, no more smileys in my posts. Don't you miss the cute pigs and orange fellas who frequently appear in my posts with their cute antics? Well, the new Blogger doesn't support this. Also, the new Greasemonkey doesn't support the script either and the original poster of the smileys isn't active anymore so she can't update the script. That is devastating :(

Okay, back to rant.

I cannot believe my family is taking on another dog. As if one dog isn't giving us enough problems, and as if life isn't causing us enough stress.

And most shockingly, my mum isn't complaining or putting up a fight.

My mum isn't exactly the animal-loving, oh-that-poor-dog kind of woman. At least I don't think she is, and she doesn't show it. I mean, she respects animals, but she doesn't show much affection for them. When we got our first dog, she didn't even approve of her at first! In the end, she approved reluctantly, because of the our endless, annoying begging. I wasn't even in secondary school yet when we got our first dog. I didn't know how much work having a dog would bring. And, we had a maid.

Now? We don't have a maid, and I'm not 11 years old anymore. I kinda know how much heavier the duties of taking care of two dogs will be. Because it's double the trouble, double the poop, double the barking, double the shouting. You do the math.

Well of course, the dogs will probably have nothing to do with my mum and it'll be none of her business because she chooses not to attach herself with the dogs in the beginning. Sigh, I wish I could do so, but I can't help it. The dogs clamber over me, and I can't help but give them a pat on the head or stroke them. If it were my mum, she would be shrieking and demanding my dad bring the dog down. Also, I'm not the one who's out working all day till late at night. She rarely spends time with the dog. Heck, I don't think she spends time with her at all. Unless my dog's fur litters all over the floor, the dog (and my dad) will get a little lecture. So, it's hard to shut off the feelings for me.

I obviously do not approve of having another dog. Not that I hate this poodle (yeah, it's a poodle), but we've got enough on our hands. We just got over the fact that we lost a maid and have to do all the housework ourselves. I can't take on another dog. Do you know how messy our house is? My room is messy, my table is messy (lol, that never changed), the bathroom is dirty, the clothes are waiting for me to put them back in their respective drawers etc.

I hope I don't sound like a drama queen. I'm used to having a maid, and we've been hiring one for as long as I can remember. This sudden, unexpected change hit us pretty hard.

What about my grandparents? Who is the one cleaning up the poop or pee my dog leaves around when my dad's at work? Who is the one feeding the dog? Them. Not my brother, who is begging for a second dog when he can't even handle the first one's needs. All he wants to do is play with the dog. Kids will be kids.

I'm telling you, my brother wants the poodle because it's a novelty. Also, because it's a poodle. Poodles are to dog breeds, as Adidas is to sports brands. And my brother looooves whatever branded sports goods there are out there. Yeah, he's definitely reached puberty (that will be for another post :P).

Okay, the main reason why I don't want another dog is... *drumroll*.... because of the first dog! I can't help but sympathize for the first dog. I don't know about you, but if you got a Nokia phone, and your dad buys you a new iPhone, which one would you love and utilize more? Of course, you'd choose the new iPhone. I won't blame you either because who wouldn't choose the iPhone? Unless you are a 70 year old elderly. And you'd probably chuck away that Nokia phone as if it was stale dinner from a week ago.

I hope that doesn't happen to my first dog. I can already see the first sightings of jealousy and disapproval from her. We tried to bring the poodle closer to her so she could make friends, but she barked very loudly and scared the poodle. At first, she looked curious and okay with it. Then, she started to snarl and out came the loud aggressive bark. My dog isn't exactly famous for her friendliness or cuteness. Instead, she's known for her aggressiveness and hostility. She barks at any stranger. The postman, people who walk past my house, friends who come over... No doubt she'll bark at them. She is a very good watchdog for us. Pan calls her 'The Crazy Dog'. Once, Pan came over to my house and Miki almost ripped her to pieces. And when the dog goes into 'scary and aggresive' mode, only my dad (and sometimes my grandfather) is brave enough to control him. My brother is a total coward. But, once she gets used to you, she becomes friendly with you. That's what I like about Miki.

She is already deprived of affection from my brother. It's clear my brother loves the poodle more. It's so like him to have that 'out with the old, in with the new' (and not in a good way) attitude. But I told him about it and he seems to be trying his best.

I just read the novel, 'Mini Shopaholic' written by Sophie Kinsella, and this particular part struck me, because it is so similar to this predicament. Something along the lines of...
Brandon: "Having Minnie has been wonderful. But I just don't feel as though I could give the same intensity of feeling to another child. And I couldn't risk that (...)"
Nanny Sue: "They looked at their first beloved child and all they can feel is guilt that there won't be enough love to go round."
It's true. That's sums up how I feel. I know it's going to happen. Christopher will be biased towards the poodle. I don't want Miki to feel left out or anything. Most of all, I don't want them to fight or for Miki to be aggresive towards this poodle.

Can Miki handle another dog friend? Will she like him (it's a male, yes), or will she continue to begrudge the dog? Right now, all I want to do is stay away from the responsibility of taking care of Sonia (or whatever my brother named the new dog). I don't want to be attached to it, in case it is given away to someone. But it seems like the poodle is already attached to my brother. Whenever he leaves the house/room, the poodle starts barking.

But I seem to be losing this argument, because majority wins. My brother and dad want the dog, my mum doesn't mind keeping it. I am the only one against this lol.

Rant over.


  1. 1. I thought your dog was a he?
    2. Miki first dog no?
    3. A boy poodle...oh no trouble..if ya know what I mean.
    4. Sonia?! LOL isn't it a girl name??
    5. Your bro is not a kid anymore...haha

    Yup I'm done...sorry for bombarding you with all these Q's...just something that popped into my mind whilst reading this post :)

  2. @Phoebe

    Ugh I'm sorry I got totally confused with my dogs!

    1. The one now is a she, and her name is Spotty.
    2. Yes, Miki is first dog.
    3. Yeah! But Spotty doesn't seem very friendly right now so I'm not concerned about that so much. And Spotty's spayed so it's okay. The poodle's a puppy btw. Pedophile dog lol.
    4. That was the initial name. Now it's Monte. As in Monte Cristo. I do not know why my brother name the poodle that -.-"
    5. Haha nope. But he is a kid to me.

    It's okay ;) Bombard me with all the Qs you want.


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