Why am I making this hard for myself, when there's so many reasons to be happy?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Anyone heard of the conficker virus? Anyone got it :D? It activates on April 1st (TODAY). I wonder if it's an April Fools thing.
Times Online
This virus is very dangerous and unique at the same time. Once the worm is on the computer, it can control your computer.. probably by the creator of the virus. Last year, the virus got into a lot of computers in US, France and other countries, and this is so very real. I have been kinda using the laptop the whole day to do folio.. hope I didn't get it. BUT, so far, this year, no computers were affected *Phew!*

After reaching home, I saw a dead rat outside my house (my maid killed it). Poor thing.

Today, our group sang, "One Step At A Time" by Jordin Sparks for Moral today.. not bad leh.

I saw this pot-bellied man giving his 4-5 year old son a cigarette. Fortunately, the son looked at him awkwardly and did not accept the cigarette. Sighh... the world nowadays.

I just did something very very stupid. Last night, I was watching Bride Wars on the computer.. I screencapped a few scenes, and saved it into the pendrive I gave my Pn. Y today in school. DARN. I had 3 pendrives in the computer, don't know which is which, so I just saved it into one. I'm so embarassed..

I really like ALL of Kari Jobe's songs! So slow, meaningful and nice.. go hear them!

Having Malay oral/aural test tomorrow, about Char Kuay Teow! One of Malaysians' favourite food :)
Thank God English oral/aural test went smoothly!

Tagged by Trovina and Isabelle.

1)Besides your lips, where are your favourite parts to get kissed?
- What?

2) How did you feel when you wake up this morning?
- Tired and hating waking up early.. as usual.

3)Who is the last person you took a photo with?
- Crystal Liew!

4)Would you considered yourself to be spoilt
- Not sure.. sometimes I guess.

5)Would you ever donate blood?
- Yes, but when I'm not underaged xD

6)Have you had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
- I think so. Everyone close if my best friend :D

7)Do you want someone dead?
- *evil grin*

8)What was you last text message say?
- from Maxis about some missed call.

9)What are you thinking right now?
- My folios/projects/tests

10)Do you wish someone was with you right now?
- No. Haha, I'm so lonely.

11)What time do you go to sleep last night?
- 12AM+.. doing KH, but didn't even pass up today.

12)Where do you buy this t-shirt that you are wearing now?
- My grandma bought it for me (pajamas)!

13)Is someone on your mind right now?
- No.

14)Who was the last person who texted you?
- Very lazy to check my hp lah.

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