Intervensi #1 & SS; The end of TGOL 珠光寶氣

Saturday, February 14, 2009

AHHH Internvensi's next week and I'm not even bothered to study, which is an awfully bad thing. A very bad thing. I definitely will after posting this..
But I trust God, that He will guide me through my exam.. He provides the guidance, and I provide the hard work. Very thankful that the Sejarah Form 1 Re-Intervensi wasn't too hard too. Thank God!
I'd also like to share a little bit about Sunday School. Teacher Mun Wai was talking about the Gaza&Israel war and she once said, "We have never seen war, but they (the people facing war) have never seen peace". That is so very true. She also taught us the gula-gula case (Maths formula).. You can learn a lot from Sunday School, and indirectly, get closer to God as well.

Oh yes, I have finally finished the 82-episode long series, The Gem of Life a.k.a 珠光寶氣. It's a record! I've never watched such a long series in my life. I don't think I want to watch any series that long anymore, unless Gigi comes back and makes another series that long :D Below are spoilers so if you plan to watch the ending, don't read it, unless you want to.
The ending was -.-". I certainly expected more from it..

Ah Wor becomes blind, Jessica feels guilty

Will went to US to find Elise

Constance drops her ring, Terrence helps her retrieve it, C hugged T out of nowhere, and then stood on the streets awkwardly (cause they just broke up in the episodes before).

Calvin goes into jail, Sylvia waits

Sunny hospitalized cause Calvin accidentally pushed him down the stairs

3 sisters' mommy had Alzheimer's. Funny flashbacks (in their younger days)..

Mommy fell asleep.. family thought she died.. so cheesy :P

Everyone had such an.. open ending.

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