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Sunday, March 3, 2013

My mum recently subscribed (then unsubscribed, but that doesn't mean she didn't like it, more about this later) to two beauty boxes. Wonderbox and Modbox.

Before this, I have never heard of these things called 'beauty boxes' and my mum explained to me how it was essentially a box with different beauty products inside. 

Now for a girl, I'm not very girly. I prefer playing games over shopping (but that doesn't exactly mean I don't like shopping, it's just because I just can't find clothes that fit me, and looking around for clothes that don't fit me is not only very discouraging but depressing), I do things usual girly girls won't do, I'm rough and inelegant.

But, I try to be girly once in a while to remind my parents that they have a daughter instead of a son, and my girl friends that they befriended a person of mutual gender who sometimes has the same girly interests and tendencies as them. I'm serious, I have been scolded for not being girly enough (who does that?!). By my Math lecturer who caught my friend and I playing cards in class (In our defense,we were NOT even gambling, we were playing 'speed'!) and apparently playing cards is not a sign of femininity; by my grandma who thinks bouncing on couches is a man thing and some other instances I can't recall right now.

Oh yeah back to the beauty boxes.

However, I pride myself in actually liking these beauty boxes. I'm not like those girls who are naturally born pretty: who has skin as white as snow and as smooth as silk, and whose figure is slim. I am the opposite of that. I am the ogre of girls. If this were Shrek the movie, I'd be Shrek in DuLoc (the town in the movie). By the way to clarify, I'm not playing the genes card here.

So to reinforce whatever little beauty I have, I use products.

And you know that joy one feels when you find the perfect dress? One will feel it too when opening a beauty box. 

I swear, whenever the box arrives at my house, I shriek excitedly at my mum to open the box (another sign of how feminine I am eh). And when I open the box, I feel exhilaration. It's so fun to open a box of unknown things but you know they're gonna be awesome. It's like opening a Christmas gift every month!

These are a few things these boxes contain. I may not use makeup, but now that I have them and I'm no longer a teeny bopper I used to be, one day I'll have to learn how to use them when the right time comes.

So even for a girl who doesn't feel like a girl sometimes, this box makes me definitely feel like one and solidifies the fact that I am a girl GIRL inside. :D

In the end though my mum unsubscribed them because we weren't using them fast enough for new ones to arrive again the next month so... but I'm sure we'll re-subscribe again one day :)

P/S: In reference to my last post, I am doing horribly in the 'completing every homework' task. So much for new start.

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