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Saturday, February 23, 2013

YES I have finally cut my hair! And this time is a big achievement for me because for once in my lifetime, I DIDN'T CRY. Everytime I cut my hair I cried.

I was an easy child to punish. My parents used to punish me for getting bad results in my exams by bringing me to the salon to cut off my hair. That easy.

And that's how much my long hair means to me. And since I was 7 I think, I've never had short hair. I've always let my hair grow into a long tress of mess.

After perming my hair, my hair became so damaged, there were TONS of split ends, almost 1 out of 5 strands of hair. It was crazy, and it broke my heart to see my hair dying. Also, I'm losing hair so much, I'm balding. THIS COULDN'T GO ON.

So I decided on a whim to cut my hair at 9pm. The barber and my mum suggested I cut it short for once. And I've always wondered how I'd look like with short hair right now, so I made the craziest decision this year so far. I was totally expecting myself to cry. I even warned the barber beforehand that I would cry after my hair got cut sometimes (understatement).

After everything, the funny thing is - I don't think I regret it. I'd say I was a brave soul for cutting so much hair off and not burst into tears.

The first person I thought I looked like was my cousin. Second? Dianna Agron.

Except that I wasn't smiling as wide as Dianna when the barber cut MY hair.

Some of the thoughts that ran through my head for the last 24 hours of having short hair...

...."OMG it's so light!"
...."It feels so much cooler now :D"
....*flips hair to straighten out hair* "THERE'S NO MORE HAIR TO FLIP D:*
...."Yay no more sweat-damped hair sticking to my neck anymore"
...."My neck... feels so... exposed"
...."No seriously my hair looks exactly like my cousin's now..."

However my own reaction to my short hair was not as huge as my college friends' reactions. Went into the lab, and I was met with Sandra's dropped jaw. Pei Ru and Xin Qi followed suit. And then so did everyone else lol. It was funny to see how they reacted to it, but I totally get it and it's a very appropriate reaction :P 

Also signed up for gym! And like I've said on twitter, my parents are more eager for me to lose weight than myself. And no matter how polite people are by saying I'm 'not fat', I AM. It's a fact! I'm not denying I'm overweight, in fact, of all people I am the one who knows that the most and feels the most conscious about it because it's my body. It doesn't help that my parents remind me of how fat I am almost on a daily basis.

I've cut my hair. I've signed up for gym. So far, I'm doing okay on completing my homework everyday (that'll die soon I'm sure). I'm trying to be less emotional. Feels like I'm going through a mid-life crisis. But this is more like an early-life crisis.

I've always been wanting to start afresh, and now's my chance.

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