The Cereal Quandary

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lol my blog title sounds like a Big Bang Theory episode title.


I am having a serious breakfast issue. Eating soggy cereal. Who likes eating soggy cereal?! It's disgusting. And cereal is crispy for a reason it's not meant to be soft and soggy!!

Now... one can say "Just eat it real quick!!". Well I'd like to savour my breakfast!

Well said, Sheldon. Well said.

In fact, I am very particular about the texture of my cereal. It's no joke to me. It may sound like I'm exaggerating. But once my cereal gets a hint of mushiness, I lose all appetite for it and if I continue eating I might puke (same goes for me when I eat bland oatmeal).

The only thing more gross than mushy cereal is this oat cereal I've been eating which has whey powder (I think) and it just makes the contents of the bowl more globby when I add milk. Disgusting.

Jennifer Lawrence does not approve of mushy cereal.

And you can say oh just scoop the cereal with your spoon and pour your milk to the spoon when necessary. Or eat the dry cereal first, and then drink milk. Well I've tried all that and it didn't make things better.

For now I am adding cereal to my milk instead. But that means I have THREE things to wash (my bowl, cup and spoon).... oh god why

Suffice to say while there are many compromises to this predicament, the easiest solution to this... starts with the letter O.

SALVATION IS HERE MY FRIENDS. Meet Obol! The way it works is very simple as you can see. It just keeps your cereal and milk separate. America, you have done it again.

Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive solution. And not available here yay.

I will now forever eat my cereal in longing and distaste.

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