Fried durian ice-cream thingy?

Friday, March 30, 2012

The snow shall stay. Because I'm too lazy to edit the HTML to take out the code -.-

Running on 3 hours of sleep last night and 5 hours on Tuesday night. Thanks to the Biology, Moral Studies and Chemistry tests. Feeling tired, but very awake at the same time :/

And CURSE my high tolerance for caffeine. Green tea, coffee, whatever with caffeine, you name it... I can drink it and still fall asleep.

Anyways, back to the title post...

I ate this wonderful delectable thingy which I don't know the name of... but I will call it fried durian ice-cream thingy. And what it is, is self-explanatory. It's a small block of durian ice-cream, bathed in thick batter and deep-fried till crispy and golden. It's like the deep fried Mars bar of Scotland. This is the deep fried durian ice-cream of Malaysia. IT TRULY IS THE SHIZZ.

You probably have seen it before, but I have not, so let me pointlessly convince you to try them :)

Let me show you some pictures so you can drool as I am now:

It's hot on the outside, cold on the inside... *cough*like some girls*cough*

Don't let its fa├žade deceive you. One bite of this baby and you'll be begging for more.

It is a little too oily though. So remember to dab off the excess oil sticking to the fried batter :)

So, today I went for a repeat of a slice of heaven, and to my disappointment... it wasn't there.

It was like a magic thing which came out of nowhere last week and now it disappeared. :(

Yes. It was that good, I made a whole post about it.

P/S: Why can't I see fried ice-cream thingies around anymore? Craving...

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